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5 Top Manifesting Tips to Supercharge Your Manifestations

A follow on from how I have made some biggest changes in my life you can discover more here on

blog post if you missed it click here for part 1 and click here part 2, , but I had to expand on the topic of manifesting with the moon because I have received wild results and success on my terms. As well as the 1000’s of women I have supported through my services, and these are the top 5 things I have learn about manifesting with the moon.

1. Procrastinating on the action you know you should be taking - showing up and taking action daily keeps you on track and devoted to your goals. If this is something which you struggle with keep your eyes peeled for something new coming soon to help kick start you into action taking over procrastinating.

2. Letting your ego take up space in your soul - daily mindset reframes are important for this weeding out your inner critic and placing new beliefs has helped me and my clients get result much quicker - you become a magnet for your desires. One of my biggest tips for this is shifting your mindset to lucky girl energy check out this post to attract what you desire with confidence and clarity. No more doubt!

Catch up with the rest on my blog post here.

3. Wishing with no plan to back it up - the biggest mistake I see is holding the vision/dream yet no clue of what step to take to create it and then point 1 procrastination kicks it am I right. Planning is key to achieve success to drop in and we can’t just lie back in our feminine energy waiting for things to happen we got to inject our passion into this too. This is why I love teaching my 8-step goal setting method to help you unlock your potential with each phase of the moon to stay on track and evaluate your progress.

4.Taking action with believe that it’s possible for you without the doubt of being seen- Our minds are magnificent we have the ability to change them (the science word for it is neuroplasticity) and that’s exactly why I use the methods of the moon cycle to activate your manifestations and mindset check out my moon cycle posts to help guide you – these posts help you to take active steps and change your mind and coincidentally it takes around 29 days to build a habit keep it (a full moon cycle) and 66 days for the new neuropathways to be fully established works out about 3 lunar cycles. It's why consistency is sexy and king! Keep it up it works.

5.Saved the best until last – Subscribe to your dream life and stop trying to be perfect and learn on the go - like really you will only become good when you practice and do. Keep taking steps forward pivoting and dancing your way through life and realise that you get to do this!

A quote that has stuck with me this week is it's never that deep! You can tell yourself a million stories and dig yourself in a deep whole or you can pick yourself up and try again!

Join me live on Instagram on 29th June at 16.00 where I talk more about moon journaling and the benefits to help you go from surviving to thriving in your life!

See you there? If you can’t make the live hit the schedule reminder to catch up on the grid click here to discover.

All my love and star fuelled energy, Stevie xxxx

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