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How to navigate feeling held back by others and stop them influencing your manifestations + dreams

The moon starts out in watery cancer this week. Cancer energy is homely its ruled by the moon.

Cancer energy will do everything is possibly can to remain safe, hold up barriers and keep its self safe. Particularly for those they love.

All amazing qualities but like any of our zodiac signs there is always a shadow element. With cancer energy we can find we hold on to habits and routines which you feel keep you safe. However, they may be stopping you in receiving your dreams.

One question I get asked quite a lot during my readings, work and dm's is how you feel backed by people in your life. Partners, family and friends who don't necessarily understand your dreams.

This is completely normal, particularly if you have lived a life up until this point putting others before yourself.

Your sharing of your biggest desires are likely triggering to those who can't see your big vision.

If you feel like you are struggling to fulfil your potential in the weight of letting others down here are some steps you can take to help unlock and reframe your mindset.

1. Acknowledge your feelings

Ask yourself how you feel?

Take notice when engaging with those who you feel hold you back and notice what is their story and what is yours.

If you are an empath or people pleaser you are likely picking up on their energetic field noticing what is yours and what is their feeling is the best first step.

Towards the end of the week the moon goes into Leo energy and this is a good time to reflect on these points. Leo's are bold, brave and heart led. But they can be driven out a need to feel validated by others which prevents you in showing your truest expression of yourself in the need of wanting to be seen and loved.

2. Remember it's not your responsibility to make others feel easy and safe

Take back your power and notice where you are taking responsibility for the other person's emotions.

Just in time for new moon in Virgo towards the end of the week helping you take stock of what you have and how you are service to others.

3. Communicate your vision and share the boundaries

Share your thoughts, speak them out loud and ask for what it is you wish for to support you moving forward.

Taking these steps allows you to take back your power, seperate your feelings from others and step boldly into claiming your truest desires.

Because you can change the narrative and hold new standards. It just takes time for others to catch up but as long as you hold space for you to grow. Only magic can ever come of that.

What/Who is holding you back currently and how do you want to be seen and supported by the ones you love?

All my love and cosmic hugs,

Stevie xxxxxxx

Acknowledge what is your responsibility and what is theirs?

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