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Are you still making this mistake with your manifesting?

With the moon kicking off in Aries this week the firey sign which embodies I am energy.

I felt called to fire up your belief system and to shed a light further on to what is holding you back.

Because what I know to be true having worked with clients is that you hold yourself back by having one foot on the gas driving yourself forwards and then the other firmly on the break (limiting beliefs and thoughts which keep you playing small). I've been there too and so many of my clients.

When you are working towards dreams which defy the normal life and what society expects it's not easy to keep those standards firmly in place for yourself to thrive.

Not taking action towards what you think isn't available to you is the biggest one.

OK say you wanted to have enough money to clear your mortgage/debt or leave a job you don't like or go on that big luscious holiday you fancy at a 5 star resort.

You can begin today to train your brain to take action in this way related to that goal. By phoning up mortgage lender and asking how much it is to pay off. By writing out your notice letter and not sending it.

Adding holidays to your cart checking dates you would go. These small steps of make believe, playful curiosity and action taking help you.

By building the neuropathways and habits that it's available to you. It rewires your brain that it's safe for you to do those things. It builds your confidence and well it sends a sign to universe you want it on your radar and you know the universe loves some clear moves and communication.

Towards the end of the week she is in the earthly sign of Taurus. Taurus energy has a tendency to get comfortable so using the action template above can help you shift your energy and build up momentum.

Most the time it's just in taking the first step so much comes from it. I would love to know what your moon is and what steps you are taking to achieve it. Feel free to reach out to me on the gram or message me

Stay magic and wild moon child,

All my love and cosmic hugs,

Stevie xxxxxxx

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