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Moon Guides 

Unlock how to manifest your dreams in the light of the lunar cycles. 

Harnessing the moon cycles can help you build confidence, self awareness and dive deeper into your soul. 

These Moon Guides are the perfect way to dive into what you receive inside the membership. 

The moon is the gateway to your magic and understanding your astrology. This is what I teach inside the membership. 

We all have 12 zodiac signs and 12 houses in our charts. She moves really quick and moves through your houses. 


Everyone has 12 signs and 12 houses when you begin to understand the moon transits you begin to unlock a deeper awareness. 


She represents your subconcious mind and when you begin to work with each cycle you begin to uncover the things which are holding you back from receiving your manifestations. 

Each Moon Guide 


A Visualisation 

A 33 page moon guide 

Rituals, Card Spread and Guidance 

Deeper Self Awareness

To see what keeps you stuck and unlock a way to your success 

The  moon cycles every month, approximately every 28 to 29 days. The moon progresses from new to waxing, first quarter to waxing gibbous, to full, then waning gibbous, to the last quarter, and finally to waning crescent. It never misses a cycle. Each phase contains its own potent magic, helping you stay focused and intentional with your manifestations.

Tracking yourself with the moon can unlock deeper self-awareness, as the moon can impact your mood, body, and life in various ways each month. Each day, it may subconsciously activate something within you. Allowing yourself to connect with these phases opens up a deeper connection to your inner knowing and intuition.

These guides will guide you through the moon cycles to unlock this part of your chart. 


Explore below add to your bag and receive direct to your inbox 

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