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How I recession proofed my manifestations

This week on instagram I share about how I recession proofed my manifestations you can see it here and I wanted to share more with you here on my journal entry (aka blog).

If you are a millennial like me ✨ you have survived two recessions, graduated into a blighted job market, unemployment numbers at their largest and a housing market that's impossible to get into. We are the scorpio in pluto generation baby check back for my older post for more deets 😘 During the last recession during 2007 - 2009. I had to make the difficult decision to leave home at 16 due to a toxic and emotionally abusive home environment. I made the decision to leave home Tenerife and return to the UK. If I'd have followed the media and what my friends thought I should do. Stevie you best wait till job market picks up, till you have more money, what will you do, what if it doesn't work out, who knows where I would be? Down trodden and fed up. Top tip Following your Intuition wins every time but it won't always make sense. In Feb 2008 I job hunted the cold UK streets (its a shock to system when you have lived abroad) from morning till night in a town I didn't know Barnsley with the intention of find a job (fortunately my mother in law took me in forever grateful for this family), whilst simultaneously I sorted out paperwork to be back in the UK as a 17 Yr old it was scary and mind boggling. I wrote my cv and had interview after interview.

Borrowed clothes from my MIL for interviews. Holding blind faith things would happen for me. (my first moon wish was age 11 on Studland beach where I vowed I would live 😉 it happened) . I felt like the world was against me, my bank account dwindling and news telling us we wouldn't make it this generation but I didn't give up. 6 weeks later and I got a job. I was told on a number occasions it might not happen but it did. The difference was I was devoted to bettering myself and was determined to be a success. Despite what my family told me and society telling me what was achievable. I then went on to get two promotions (which if I had listened to mainstream media I wouldn't have got) We got told we couldn't get on the housing ladder. Me and my husband stayed in dingy apartment for sometime. If you can picture this, parties where it felt like they would come through roof and walls during the week! Whilst a crunch underfoot as you would step outside your front door steeping on to cider cans which had been thrown down from the party the night before. Then the door would knock at stupid a clock with baliffes showing up in the morning trying to track the old tenants. We worked two jobs 9-5 then sat on evening duty jobs together and studied alongside this to get promotions we were told we wouldn't get. To achieve money goals we were told we wouldn't achieve. We got our house, we got our holidays and we survived. Some days were tough but we made it. The difference was we saved and invested in things that made our life better - experiences, holidays and therapy and self development. I remember I went along to a woman's circle during that time to find connection because I knew the importance of healing and growing would have on my life. Small investments helped me thrive. You can choose to allow outside influences to dictate your manifestations, whether it's enough money, bills and other people opinions but life will always happen. It's not a question of perfect timing. It's how devoted are you to creating the life you desire that changes the narrative and that of which breaks the barriers. You could say I'm privileged. I am in many ways. However I'm proud of that younger version of me for taking the leap of faith believing in something she couldn't see and showing up despite how many times I was told it wasn't possible for me and despite set backs. That took that 16 Yr old version of me to have guts. I certainly haven't come from the most nourishing, loving, financially supported background but there's so much gold in that it doesn't define me. These are my experiences and I'm sharing these not for sympathy. My background has been my biggest success marker. I share this because I don't want you to let any thing or anyone get in your way. The world is always going to happen but you are what makes your life happen. Despite the odds your wild dreams will come true when devotion meets conviction anything is possible. I will be sharing shortly how you can can future proof your moon manifestations to thrive no matter what 🔮😘

All my love and cosmic hugs, Stevie xxxx

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