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Speaking & Events 

Are you looking for an expert speaker for your next event, group program or podcast?

Looking at hiring an experienced motivational speaker, guide and mentor to lead people through workshops and event to connect deeper to their souls intuition and universal gifts?  

Wanting a special workshop for your festival or mastermind? 

Maybe even a sacred moon circle masterclass to have your participants connecting to their inner power and feeling motivated and inspired to claim back their power? 

I'm what you are looking for. 

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As a trained coach, learning and development expert, astrology, industry leader & expert speaker. I have expertise in a variety of modalities that I combine together to create really powerful and unique event experiences. 

Book Stevie to come and host workshops and guest speak on the following topics:- 
  • Harnessing the power of moon magic to transform your life 

  • The link between limiting beliefs and business success 

  • Lead an abundant, magnetic and wild life and business. 

  • Activating your leadership in business. 

  • Honouring your voice and all that you are. 

  • Manifesting your desires - calling in your dreams with ease and flow 

Host feedback


Describe Stevie's Workshop in 5 words:

Insightful, Educational, Inspiring, Relatable and Fun  

What did you and your group enjoy most about the workshop: 

Having Stevie as a guest speaker at my event was so exciting and she offered a completely different perspective on things, I always encourage my audience to think out side the box and this is exactly was Stevie brings, as well as a completely fresh approach. My audience were inspired and motivated by Stevie's words, Energy and knowledge and she left us all wanting more.

Who would you recommend Stevie's workshops to: 

I would recommend Stevie's workshops to all my clients ( always do), and everyone who like to broaden their potential. Who wants a true understanding of why they do what they do, who they truly are and not what we believe to be true and how they can create more in there life, opening their eyes to their true limitless potential.

Jade Feedback.png


Describe Stevie's Workshop in 5 words:

Enlightening, powerful, informative, magical, thought-provoking

What did you and your group enjoy most about the workshop: 

I mostly enjoyed how Stevie made her talk accessible for anyone, the ‘believers and non-believers’. Stevie is extremely knowledgeable in her field and with humour and her infectious personality, Stevie got the whole audience involved and drawn in by her talk. Stevie was my opening speaker at The UKs only Networking Festival (Ribbons Fest) in 2021 so her audience was a field full of business owners. Stevie’s talk was given amazing feedback and off the back of her talk, she was fully booked all day with appointments.

Who would you recommend Stevie's workshops to: 

Any event from a small intimate room of up to 30, to large business conferences, festivals and events.

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Describe Stevie's Workshop in 5 words:

Interesting, Insightful, Engaging, Educational & Fun

What did you and your group enjoy most about the workshop: 

Being able to learn more about the moon cycles and the whole topic was great for the group, it was really insightful and enabled them to understand more about how to use the moon in their lives. They loved the card pull too, this made it more interactive which was great.

Who would you recommend Stevie's workshops to: 

Any groups or individuals that want to understand more about the power of the moon and how you can harness it in many ways in your life and/or business.

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Up and Coming Events 

Join me at an in person moon circle at the healing haven poole 

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