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Subscribe to your dreams life 

Are you ready to escape:-


  • People pleasing

  • Doubts

  • Worry

  • Beliefs that hold you back

Is this you:- 

Working on your manifestations but you are still waiting on delivery.


Stuck in people pleasing mode feeling tired and fed up.


Used every technique to manifest but nothing seems to work.

In a loop of doubt

Life feels filled with potential , yet you aren’t making the progress that you know in your soul you can.

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It’s time to stop subscribing to the inner critic beliefs and step into your big energy of confidence, belief and clarity.


To no longer hold  yourself back or get stuck.

Balance, trust and daily action with  a belief everything is possible!


On this 8 week programme

dentify and unsubscribe from limiting beliefs that keep you repeating the patterns that keep you unfulfilled.


No more holding yourself back with an awareness of what stops you in your tracks. Step away with a deep confidence and trust in yourself to create a life you love.


No more procrastination a clear plan to allow to make your vision board become your reality.



Drown out doubt and gain tools and techniques to feel comfortable and confident in receiving and creating a life which makes you feel purposeful and alive.

Me + You Together:- 

  • South and North Nodes in your birth chart to understand patterns that keep you held back and clarity on where you can take action to finally understand what keeps you UNSTUCK!

  • Moons Cycles in your birth chart. No more guessing and taking notes from insta posts! A unique diary for you to understand what happens astrologically with the moon for you each and every month, year and beyond.

  • Your moon sign (aka your subconcious mind) to identify and clear out your ego of thoughts, behaviours and patterns which stop you from creating a life you love, with skills and tools to be able to create new beliefs which serve the new you.

  • GOAL Setting framework with the lunar energies – to keep you accountable and moving forward each and every month. No more procrastination station, flow and ease as you work effortlessly towards what you desire.

Image by Linda Xu

A mind cleanse to allow you to truly live your dream life.

This is for the soul ready to escape the limiting beliefs and realise how you can receive whatever you want no matter what phase you are in.


    Every month
    Valid for 3 months