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The Girl and The Moon Sisterhood 

A space for moon loving sisters and high manifesting vibes. 

Do you want to:


  • Meet like minded sisters and soul friend.

  • Have a space where you can dare to dream.

  • A space where you manifestations are supported, loved and treasured.

  • Have a permission slip to create your vision and step into your most authentic self. A space to put a middle finger up to the limiting beliefs of playing small, not being seen and create and abnormal dream life. Because you know you were made for more

We would love to welcome you and I can't wait to see what me and you can create together.

Go from waiting for the perfect moment to living it.


This sisterhood will provide you with resources to help you feel empowered and supported on your moon manifesting rituals. 


Who is it for? 

The girl + the moon membership is for the women who know they were destined for more and want soul connections and monthly accountability to feel inspired and activated to attract their dreams.


It's for those of you who hold yourself back and hold back your truest desires in fear or lack of belief if whether you can achieve them. I have been where you are too and questioned and doubted my own abilities to create my dream life more times than I would like to admit.


However there's always a voice within me leading me forward to keep going.


My vision and mission with this sisterhood is to share our voices, activate your moon wishes and squash our doubt of belief.


To create an unwavering belief of that I can keep going I have got this. To empower our inner super start o run the show and to create moments of I manifested it and my dreams are coming true moments with a sisterhood behind you.

To have a space and permission slip where you can dare to dream as big, visionary and freely as your soul wishes. With activating support tools to help you along the way.



You are living that perfect moment right now. 

You have a sense of inner confidence and peace.

You wake up excited every day for all the opportunities which surround. 

You have a belief system which is unstoppable and you know what you were made for and know in your inner power that you have to create it. 

You posses  all the tools possible to kick imposter syndrome and fear to the side when it creeps in and you have everything you could possibly desire to ride the the ebbs and flows of life and the lunar cycles . 

Questions and doubts are far from your mind you have a mind and mentality that is upgraded to attract your wishes with an action plan to make your dreams a reality. 

Life if limitless, free and easy. Your manifestations are created and you believe in yourself. 

You are the author of your story and future. 

This is all possible for you. 



What is included? 

A moon diary for each month 

So you know what to do for each monthly cycle of the moon. 


Card/Journal Prompts

Updates and Inspo from me. 

To use at each phase of the moon cycle. To activate your intuition and inner voice. 

Online Workshop

Sessions with thought leaders and experts to support you to grow and embody lunar energies throughout the month. 

Exclusive Offers 

Discount to Stars by Stevie 

First Access to Offers 




The investment for the membership is £15 per month with ability to cancel at any time. I always recommend you stay for at least 3 months as it takes 21 days to build a habit.


You will get access to hub via this website. You can easily access the content from the hub and the community network is on whatsapp. You will also receive monthly newsletters from me via your inbox. 


The Membership Masterclasses are pre recorded and added into the hub alongside your journals. You can access the content at your own pace and time. There is no time limit and while ever you are in the membership you have lifetime access. 


Like minded soul sisters who have big dreams and moon manifestations. Loving spiritual skills and wanting to expand their possibility through manifestation. They have a desire to upgrade their mindset, take action and go all in on their dreams with accountability of a sisterhood. 

Join the club 

  • Girl + Moon Member.

    Every month
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