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I was once a lost soul. Someone who felt like they never fitted in. I felt lonely and misunderstood. 

I had it all the perfect job, home, lifestyle and did the things that they tell you makes you happy. The tick box lifestyle. I felt like the old soul filled with wisdom that never fitted in. Little did I know that although I felt lost I was on my spiritual path. 

You see I came to Dorset at age of 11 and I cast a spell on the poole quay with friends that I would one day live here and live a beautiful life. Without knowing my life I had wished for all that time ago had turned up right here in this very moment. I had just got out of alignment with my desires. 

Inside me existed a knowing I was made for more. Having been the child obsessed with crystals , moon and the star as a child. I went back to my roots, despite being told it was something I could never make money out of. 

I decided to reactivate my purpose and clarity with the lunar cycles like my soul had known all along. Through this membership Stevie uses leading and innovative astrology, personal development techniques to activate you to your highest vibration of your best self to inspire you to lead a life without limits  and how you can achieve all you know is possible through the magic light of the lunar cycles. 

I can't wait to illuminate and walk side by side with you on your path my love, it's just the beginning what you want is wanting you let's attract it together, 

All my love and star filled energy, 

Stevie xxxxxxx 

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