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Empowering you to believe anything is possible through the light of the lunar cycles.

As your astrologer, life coach and guide, my aim is to bring you back home to your truth, desires and purpose - back into fullest expression of your spirit, self belief, confidence, clarity, power and align you with the wisdom that lives within you.

Connect to your wisdom and find the answers which you have been searching for with me.

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Denise - @sacredsanctuarycandles

Stevie is such an intuitive, kind and authentic coach and leader. I've been part of her membership girl and the moon since day one as well as working with her in subscribe to your dream life, had one-off card readings and attended her summer solstice retreat. I love working with Stevie she's amazing.

Becs - @rlcoachinguk

I’ve been part of Stevie membership for a while now and I love how much I have learnt about astrology and how I can manifest with the moon. Stevie has such an incredible community and the energy is always high. I also love the monthly workbooks too. I’ve also worked with Stevie 1:1 and had a card reading at a very tough time in my life and I have to say the clarity I had after that call was amazing and I went on to create a business and life on my terms. Thank you Stevie for being you and sharing all of your knowledge and expertise for us.

Diane Barton Bates - @dianebartonbates

As a member of the girl and the moon, each month you receive amazing worksheets and information on what's happening with the moon and planets and two live zoom sessions! Stevie is amazing with so much knowledge and truly gifted and through working 1:1 I have followed my dreams. A beautiful soul.
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As  a membership that spans across the earth, 

Stevie is here to guide you to live in the light of the lunar cycles, bringing in lunar wisdom through the moon cycles, ancient practice of astrology, mindset, tarot and healing. To all of those who join.


A space to shed the limiting to beliefs and step into your anything is possible mindset.


Monthly diaries, rituals , guest healers, live circles, readings, and soul journeys in alignment with the Moon and neuroscience techniques to up level your mindset and spirit.


Plus, access to a sisterhood community who are on the same journey as you. You don’t have to manifest alone.

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