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My favourite moon manifesting tip for your wishes to come true

Updated: Jun 25, 2022

It's a fresh new week beauty! Where do I start so this week we have the summer solstice in amongst it. As I write this I am praying for some beautiful sunshine.

It couldn't be better timed as the sag super full moon has passed awakening our ambitions to aim a little higher and dream a little bigger.

The waning moon is in Pisces/Aries on the summer solstice which is reminding us to celebrate ourselves and next months full moon will be in ambitious sign of Capricorn. The fact that she is passing through the signs of pisces and aries on this particular day is so special. This years theme the planets have been awakening our inner world jupiter in pisces and the conjunction jupiter and neptune pisces. If you want to find out more about this you can join the girl + the moon where you can find a workbook to activate these energies. I will also be holding a jupiter pisces workshop in October as jupiter returns back for the last part of the year. Pisces in this sign is expanding and paving the way for the growth of our dreams.

What are the best tips to do this week? This is my favourite tip I want you to go over all your achievements of how far you have come from where you were 6 months ago and in addition to that I want you to write out that big dream again and say it in the shower every morning with conviction, belief and spirit. Because it's only through the programming of your mind that you believe it's possible for you. That you show your inner being that things are coming it's safe for your big wishes to come true. I talk about this in the challenge last week if you haven't already you can sign up here:-

This week we talk about surrender and this one can be so difficult especially when you wish to reach your desired destination and outcome.

Here are the other moon movements this week:-

Monday 20th June in Pisces - Spend a moment to write down your big dream and shout it out in the shower or share it with someone you trust.

Tuesday 21st June Pisces/Aries - Summer Solstice use the tip above.

Wednesday 22nd June Aries - Review in your life where you can take action which will allow you to move towards your dreams and remove things off your to do list.

Thursday 23rd June Aries/Taurus - Think of what you need in your life to help yourself feel nourished and replenished so you can remain consistent with your goals and not stop/pause as you move through.

Friday 24th June Taurus - Reflect on your goals and daily actions. How they nourish and serve your bigger visions.

Weekend Taurus vibes- Spend time chilling, taking action that nourishes your soul and enjoyment in comforts that nourish your soul.

If you want to learn how to harness the lunar energies deeper you can join the girl + the moon membership for £10.00 a month until 30th June where it will be going up to £15 a month.

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