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Do you want to know the secret for unlocking those big dreams....

Your week according to the moon and cancer is wanting you to open the gates to receive.

She's hitting us with some fresh new energy this week as she begins at new phase of the cycle.

Cancer energy is about how you feel at home in yourself, its about boundaries and the feel I get collectively and the energies running up to this full moon is your ability to receive. Think divine feminine energy attracting whatever you desire.

The super full moon in saggitarius has passed and the summer solstice. Reminding us of the importance of celebrating ourselves, having fun and aiming high as we work towards on those ambitions.

This cancer new moon is calling you to review your boundaries. I'm thinking in terms of boundaries and barriers you have in place to protect yourself. You think the cancer shell protects its home and its soft and deliciously warm inside. Yet the outer shell protects it. The thing is with cancer energy is boundaries and barriers which protect us serve us . Yet those things we might do to protect others who we love. Cancer energy loves protecting others.

It's important time to reevalute where you might have barriers in place where you don't share your heart as you are concerned in what others may think or feel about those ambitions dreams. Where do you play small to help others feel comfortable? Yet it keeps you in your shell?

This energy is calling you now to let go of these and shine in all your beauty, to follow your heart and know that great over loving heart of yours can shine and pave the way for others.

You shining in your light and achieving your dreams paves the way for others to do the same.

Your week ahead according to the moon sees:-

Waning Moon in Gemini on the 27th June and 28th June - this is a great time to think about how you are showing up and sharing your big goals in community and networking. How confident do you feel in showcasing yourself and what you are sharing with the world?

New Moon 29th June and 30th June she hits the new phase part this is the perfect time to reflect deeper on those points above. Letting down those barriers feeling safe and at home being seen in your dreamy ambitions and goals. Nourishing yourself as you venture into new territory.

Waxing Phase begins as she transitions from Cancer into Leo from the 1st July think of ways you can praise yourself in how far you have come and be proud in sharing with others your achievements. As you recognise yourself others will recognise you too.

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Can't wait to see you there or check in next week for your moon updates.

All my love and cosmic hugs,

Stevie xxxxxxxx

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