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Crystal healing and spiritual development blog - Hello & Welcome

Are you feeling frustrated and stuck in a rut and not knowing which way to go? Are your questioning your every move and feel to busy to be able to take breathe to figure out what way in life you are going?

Feel like you are in the wrong body sometimes, leading someone else’s life.

Don’t worry we have all been there.

It is easier to get out of than you think and you don’t need to look further than yourself to get the answers.

We have been conditioned to lead the lives that someone else has scripted for us, which ultimately leaves us questioning ourselves. We are living a life that isn’t aligned to our higher self.

In taking a step back to really tune into what you need, it is the first step in making significant change that will allow you to grow into that person you want to be.

Magical and Messy - Crystal Healing and Spiritual Development is all about how we can use our magic and clear up our mess, through the use of crystals. This allowing us to be attuned to our higher self.

I know if you are new to crystals or haven’t heard of crystals you might be thinking think how can they help us?

This is the aim of my blog. I will be sharing with you weekly how I use crystals to overcome challenges and set my goals to support me in living my life in my magic.

Through this I aim to share with you:

Hints and tips that you can put into action in your own lives with use of crystals.

Share my own experiences of using crystals which support me in navigating the challenges which arise.

It can sound like hocus pocus (I love that film), but I want to share with you how using crystals has transformed my life and how using them day to day really isn’t so hard.

Showing you that actually that little bit of mystical magic brings calm and joy into your life it is achieved quicker than you might think.

Like what you hear and want to find out more, join me on my weekly blog where I will be sharing hints and tips on how to use crystals and oracle cards to link into your inner intuition.

This empowering you to make decisions which make your sparkle and light you up inside.

You can also follow me on instagram and Pinterest to find out more or if you would like you can work with me one to one where we will use crystal healing and spiritual development in unlocking your magic.

Come join me in unlocking your magic as the world is waiting for you to glow.

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