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6 Mistakes Stopping Your Moon Manifestations Coming True

You are probably committing one of these mistakes.

Which is stopping your moon manifestations coming true.

Culprit #1 - Procrastinating. - The ultimate shadow of virgo energy. When it's in planning mode it's a beast but the downside can be failure to launch and see the thing through because you care, you worry it's enough and in turn you end up not doing the thing you are well prepared to do. Action is the key ingredient required from you n order to grow and reach your new moon wishes. If you don't take action you won't grow.

Culprit #2 - Social Media Scrolling - The ultimate libra love of checking in on socials what everyone else is up to. The dreaded scoll fix turns from a quick check in to an hour later am I right. Libra energy loves to socialise and connect the downside of this can cause comparison, checking in on social status and not connecting to the true essence of you. If you are using your time and energy scrolling when you could be using it to take action towards those wishes how you can expect them to come true. You can use your precious time and energy to serve your higher self and others doing things which nourish your soul.

Culprit #3 Waiting for when you have enough money/time - The first step is always the hardest step to take. This energy is very taurean with a dash of virgo too. These earthly energies love to have the security of a plan. However with taurus energy the otherside of ithat is being in your comfort zone no movement, a stagnant feeling of not going anywhere comforting and frustrating all at once. The key is getting moving taking the first step whatever that looks like and it's always the hardest to gain momentum. How can you expect to create more time if you are telling yourself you don't have it? Making time for yourself and managing your money shows the universe that you do have this, The more intention you put into creating it the more you get back.

Culprit #4 Researching what you need to do instead of doing it - Yes knowledge is key and power but most of your skills are built on the go. This is very like scorpio energy in the details in your soul but again maybe not taking any action wanting to be seen as the perfect expert before making the moves. Really deep down you know what you need to do. and you know momentum only builds when you are taking the action. This habit has got you chasing your tail, You are enough right now go do the thing and it brings me perfectly on the to the last point......

Culprit #5 -Not writing down your plan - Now here is where super capricorn energy comes into it's glory. A super moon incoming this month. This energy is calling you to make a plan - fail to plan, plan to fail vibes. Capricorn energy wants you to really step into this energy of making a plan to succeed. To build your empire and take steady steps towards your dream. You could be an over planner and searching for the next goal the shadow of capricorn energy. But write it down it is scientifically proven it stays in your mind when you do it. Write out the main goal with little daily actions you can take. You got this super star.

If you feel seen and don't worry I do these too, to be completely honest and open with you. I was called out big time on the old planning one recently. I don't plan as a part of self sabotage, I know right it's likely you are doing the same. It's why I invest my time and money into support services that help me keep accountable and it's why I dive back into the tools I teach through the membership. The moon keeps me accountable and I can feel into those shadow energies and catch myself out.

You can catchy yourself out and I teach all of the above through my membership Girl + Moon all for £10 a month until the 30th June where it will be going up to £15 a month. Monthly journals, workbooks and a live workshop all to give you accountability and space to connect to yourself spiritually to develop yourself.

What you waiting for click the link and come join me to make a plan together.

All my love and cosmic hugs,

Stevie xxxxxxxxx

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