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Week 1: Subscribing to your stars and entering your fresh new chapter

What you will learn:


Begin your journey to subscribing to your stars and new cyclical astrological life as we introduce key mindset reframes and exercises to help you devote yourself to upgrading your mindset and your life.


In the words of Tony Robbins, 'Your brain was made to keep you safe, not happy. That’s your job.' This ego cleanse helps you get clear on the inner talk taking place, allowing you to catch it before it catches you!

It’s sneaky and will pop up when you least expect it. The deeper awareness you bring, the more you can switch it up with affirmations and positive mindset reframes to unlock a mindset that goes from surviving to thriving.

Complete this ego cleanse over a two-week period to start seeing shifts. If you experience a period of doubt, you can always redo it! It’s a great tool to check in and clean up space in your brain.


Keeping track of your thoughts allows you to rewire new ones that serve your wider vision.

Alongside this when we have experienced stress or trauma we it can get caught up in our bodies the mind and body can work together beautifully. You might find that you engage within procrastination responses that keep stress active the other worbook is created founded on Emily and Amelia Nagasaki work to be used in conjunction. In order to recreate at times we might need to acknowledge that begins with self care to elevate our nervous system and fight/flight responses to help us release stress cycles. Use this with activities and exercises thinking how you can incorporate these into your day to day routine. 

Download your ego cleanse workbook 

Download Stress Cycle and Trauma

Visualisation Ego Cleanse 

Ego Cleanse VisualisationStevie McCormick
00:00 / 22:32

This visualisation will help you tap into your thoughts. Feel free to use it as part of your ego cleanse weeks or whenever you want to connect with your subconscious and embrace new thoughts

Week 1 10th July 2024 

Workshop Video from July 2024 cohort 

Week 1 18th March 2024 

Workshop Video from March 2024 cohort 

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