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Upcoming Schedule

Meet Stevie at these live up and coming events online and in person meetings to expand your knowledge and wisdom with the light of the star and lunar cycles. 

These event are sprinkled with magic, astrology, uplifting and inspiring. 

Where sisterhood, magic and stars unites! 

Moon Circle   

Meet Stevie under the light of lunar cycles with like minded at in person and online circles for new and full moon.

Moon circles are a perfect space for finding peace, mindfulness and nourishment. As you harness the moon's magic and sync with your cyclical nature, you'll gain confidence, balance and unstoppable belief.  You'll receive: 

✨A circle lead by Stevie 

✨Visualisation infused with Reiki and Astrology ✨Card Readings/Pulls 

✨Journal Prompts and Reflection in Alignment with Lunar Cycles 

✨Astrology chart guidance for that lunar phase 

Sound Healing Morning Rock & Rose Rituals Upton Country Park 

Join us for sound healing session in morning at Upton Country Park. 

Elevate your vibe with powerful cosmic sound healing crystal quartz bowls infused with Reiki and Stevie. 

📅: Various Dates 

⏰: Day time and Evening Time Bookings  

📍: Rock and Rose Rituals Upton Country Park  

💸: £25.00

Learn Astrology Subscribe To Your Dream Life Group Programme 

Join Stevie on 8 Live Calls teaching you how to read your star chart. 

Unlocking Your Birth Chart for Living Your Best Life

Learn to read the map of your stars and identify your success keys written in the starts to living your dream life with this immersive star chart program, "Subscribe to Your Dream Life."

📅: Various Dates 

⏰: 19:30 x8 online calls  

📍: Zoom  

💸: £399.00 

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Sound Healing Sessions Under the Skies at the Priory in Warham 

Join us for sound healing sessions under the skies at the Priory in Wareham throughout Spring/Summer 2024. 

📅: Various Dates 

⏰: Day time and Evening Time Bookings  

📍: @priory wareham 

💸: £25.00

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