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Welcome to the soul shop 

The space to up level your soul, mindset and energy 

Welcome to the Soul Shop, a sanctuary for soul-uplifting visualisation gifts and supportive services designed to help you manifest your best life under the light of the lunar and star cycles.


Our carefully curated collection offers everything you need to enhance your spiritual journey, from powerful visualisation tools and moon manifesting rituals to comprehensive astrology guides.


Immerse yourself in the transformative energies of the moon and stars, and unlock your full potential with our unique products and services. Embrace the magic within and start living the life you’ve always dreamed of.

The Level Up Collection 

Introducing our Level Up Guides, a transformative product designed to help you manifest your deepest desires.

Each guide includes a comprehensive manual workbook tailored to specific topics such as self-belief, attracting the love of your life, or increasing your financial abundance.

These Level Up Guides provide you with:

  • A detailed workbook to help you connect deeply with your desires

  • A ritual designed to align your energy with your goals

  • A recorded affirmation set by Stevie to elevate your mindset and energy

Harness the power of these guides to level up your mindset and attract your manifestations with confidence and clarity.

Explore the collection below and start your journey towards your dreams today!

Moon Guides 

Unlock how to manifest your dreams in the light of the lunar cycles. 

Harnessing the moon cycles can help you build confidence, self awareness and dive deeper into your soul. 

These Moon Guides are the perfect way to dive into what you receive inside the membership. 

The moon is the gateway to your magic and understanding your astrology. This is what I teach inside the membership. 

We all have 12 zodiac signs and 12 houses in our charts. She moves really quick and moves through your houses. 


Everyone has 12 signs and 12 houses when you begin to understand the moon transits you begin to unlock a deeper awareness. 


She represents your subconcious mind and when you begin to work with each cycle you begin to uncover the things which are holding you back from receiving your manifestations. 

Each Moon Guide 


A Visualisation 

A 33 page moon guide 

Rituals, Card Spread and Guidance 

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