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The Secret Solstice Retreat

Awaken your inner light this Winter Solstice with an enchanting and mystical afternoon of hot chocolate moments, a winter spell masterclass, fire making to keep your hands warm, soul nourishing conversations and a space to completely disconnect from the world and find your own christmas sparkle outside of the loud crowds with like minded sister on Saturday 17th December @2pm until 5pm at Marlwood Pits, Dorchester.

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How this event will help you? 

Winter Solstice is a great time to connect to find your own light within as the darkest day nears.


To awaken within you an unstoppable self belief and shake of worry or anxiety of not being good enough.


It's a time to find confidence of your light within in the darkest days nature is reminding you of how brightly you shine.

What will you do? 

The fire roaring reminding you that you can start again, hold yourself proudly and be inspired to grow deeper into your own authentic vulnerable self. Realising you are just enough as you are.

During this mini retreat afternoon learn how to make fires, cast spells with your non alcoholic mulled wine, toasting marshmallows over the fire and hot chocolate whilst learning how to set intentions and let go of what is holding you back burning that doubt into a live wild fire.


You will be ready to step into 2023 renewed and refreshed. This afternoon will allow you to stand boldly in all that you are with no fear of the unknown a deep sense of knowing you are just enough as you are. With a whole sisterhood behind you in the most enchanted secret spot in Dorset! 

Picture this making wishes within ancient and prehistoric woodland. 

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Fire up your soul and step back from the lights retreat into peace

An enchanted wild space for you to reconnect with your inner wilderness. You will flourish with a newfound sense of admiration for how magically unique you are a space to shut out the noise and finally disconnect into peaceful rebalance. No bright lights and noise.


Sharing Non Alcoholic Mulled Wine or Hot Chocolates accompanied with warmed vegan rolls over soul nourishing conversations and within a winter wonderland that will increase your inner peace.

This is your moment to step away from the to do list, embrace the peacefulness and magic of woodland winter spirit that will sparkle your mind, body and soul with heart warming moments that you will never ever be able to recreate.


This is for you the soul who wants to take a step back from the loud festivities and find solace in a moment of heaven. Unplug and disconnect take yourself into another world that will lighten up your own inner child this festive period. Book your ticket on link below:- 


After this event you will walk away with your very own unique winter solstice orange spell, which will not only rebalance your mind body and soul that will make your winter festive wishes come true.


A time to realise that anything is possible and holding a deep faith in yourself that you can make your dream life your reality. No darkness holding you back. 


I cannot wait to enchant you in the most unique and unforgettable event you will attend in 2022 to finish of your year with a bang,

All my love and cosmic hugs,

Stevie xxxx 

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