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The Girl and The Moon Crystal Kits 

Activate your crystals and your soul 

This kit is for the moon + crystal addict who is ready to up level their manifesting with magic mindset work and a sassy strategy in their routine with a cosmic and crystal boost. You can be new to manifesting or been doing it a while you will walk away from this masterclass with new crystals skills and inspired to uplevel your moon manifesting rituals. 


This is unlike any normal crystal kit the crystals have been chosen inline with my lunar energies expertise's. 


What is included? 

7 crystals 

Specifically chosen and designed in line with the lunar energies. 


Access the live activating workshop taking place in July/August 2022 after this date you can catch the recorded replay. For all crystal kit holders each year we will hold a new masterclass to help you to continue to reconnect with your crystals. 


  • Understand the lunar cycles and the crystal energies how you can use these together. 

  • Be able to activate and programme your crystals

  • Transform and heal yourself to overcome challenges which prevent you from manifesting so you get the breakthroughs you desire.


Kits are £19 and include the masterclass, three workbooks and 7 crystals in your kit. 

Purchase using the link below:- 

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