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The Girl and The Moon Sisterhood 

Join Soul Sisters

A space for moon loving sisters and high manifesting vibes. 

A membership for the spiritually enlightened and cosmically curious. 

Taking you from waiting for the perfect moment to starting now.


This sisterhood will provide you with resources to help you feel empowered and supported on your moon manifesting rituals. 


What is included? 

A moon diary for each month 

So you know what to do for each monthly cycle of the moon infused with activities and workshops each month with the latest psychology and energy based activities to allow you to grow and receive your dreams. 


Card/Journal Prompts

Updates and Inspo from me monthly newsletter including spells and cosmic updates.  

To activate your subconscious mind and recode your beliefs to receive your dreams and desires. 

Online Workshop/Accountability

Sessions with thought leaders and experts as well as surprise workshops from me aligned to the cosmos to support you to grow and embody lunar energies throughout the month. 


Exclusive Offers 

With me and like minded sisters every month to grow and manifest together. 

Discount to Stars by Stevie 

First Access to Offers 


The Girl + The Moon Crystal Kit 

This kit is for the moon + crystal addict who is ready to up level their manifesting with magic mindset work and a sassy strategy in their routine with a cosmic and crystal boost. Find out all the details here. 
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What members and my community say 

Thank you lovely, love every chance I get to connect with you! Did the magnetization mediation we did last night and straight away got an enquiry. "Diane" 

I Am excited about it - Thank you so much again for a beautiful refreshing workshop - you get my vibes high. You're so amazing at leading them, look forward to the next one next week. "Yasmin" 

Thank you so much I've taken so much from our work together...more than any other coach I've worked with. "Amie" 

"Hey Lovely, Thanks for the girl and the moon today! it keeps me connected and focussed on my mood journey! Your energy is contagious and it inspired me to do my mercury retrograde card spread. I feel so good. "Diane" 

Just catching up now and my mind is blow. I love this space you have created I am learning so much. "Rose" 

This is just the membership I needed for my mindset. I felt today like I can do this. Everything was happened the way I dreamt moving towards me. I manifested money and new opportunities. Thank you so much Stevie. "Emma" 

You my dear and bloody brilliant. I have caught up on the girl + moon. It's bloody awesome. You have helped me clear some stuff and it's helped me so much with clarity so insightful. I have some great insight and depth in some things I have going on. Really grateful for this space. "Lucy" 

I Had so much fun today. Oh my god you have given me a proper reset. I have feeling down and not good enough. I feel soo good now thank you so much. "Sav" 

Join the club you don't have to do this on your own. 

Early Bird Prices 

There are three levels which you can invest in.

Level 1 is purchase the girl + the moon crystal kit for Normally £44.00 secure before the 5th July for £29.00 a month if you are a member you can secure this for reduced price of £33.00 secure before the 5th July for £29.00 saving £15 the price will rise to £33 on the 5th July 2022. 

Level 2 is a monthly payment of £10.00 Per Month just for the membership (worth £22.00) The price is rising to £15 from 30th June 2022. Within the membership you get exclusive discounted prices on services and products. 

Level 3 includes the £111 moon manifesting course + £120 girl + moon membership for a year + £33 crystal kit  =  £264 - discounted price of   £228 pay up front and   you save £36.00

What you waiting for come join us? Use payment link below to gain instant access to the hub and community. 

  • Summer Membership De

    Every month

Level 1 if you want level 2 don't forget to add your crystal kit to cart 

Just the Kit and upgrading to Level 2 add this in your bag too

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Level 3 

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