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Your 6 Planet Placement Guide

Your 6 Planet Placement Guide


Unlock the secrets of your astrological blueprint with our comprehensive downloadable ebook! Inside, you will learn about your Big Six and receive a personalized birth chart to explore your unique cosmic profile.


Let’s explore your Big Six!


Have you heard of your Big Three in astrology? Well, there's even more to discover with your Big Six. These include five key planets plus your rising sign, collectively known as your personal planets.


They shape your personality, character, emotions, passions, values, and the way you love.


All you need to get started is your date of birth, time of birth, and place of birth. (We recommend using @astrochart for free birth charts.)


If you're new to astrology, the best place to start is learning about your top three:

  • ☀️ Sun Sign: This represents the part of your personality that spends most of its time in the spotlight. It shows the expression of yourself.
  • ↖️ Rising Sign: Also known as your ascendant, this sign reflects how people see you when they first interact with you. It also reveals what motivates and inspires you.
  • 🌙 Moon Sign: This sign embodies your intuition and emotional world, serving as the gateway to your limitless potential.

Next, delve deeper into your personal planets:

  • 📚 Mercury: Illustrates the way you communicate, learn, and absorb new information.
  • 💘 Venus: Highlights how you love, both in giving and receiving, and where you find pleasure and desire.
  • 🔥 Mars: Indicates your approach to taking action, showcasing your motivation and drive to get things done.


Let’s explore them all! Download now and start your journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

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