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When you don't feel like it do it

When you don’t feel like doing something, do it anyway. It shows you value yourself more than temporary feelings and builds trust in yourself. On the days you don't want to do things, those are the days you should, because they matter the most. They prove that you can overcome anything!

If you missed my last blog post on the butterfly effect and how tiny changes can have a massive impact, this ties it all together. Here is the link:

Some of us take time to grow. A group member once called herself a "slow burner," exploring and reconnecting with parts of herself tentatively. I responded that "slow burning" is underrated in today’s hustle culture.

You might think I have it all together, but truly, I don’t. Nobody does. That’s why I teach what I do. I, too, have struggled with believing in myself and staying in situations longer than needed. Social media is filled with quick wins and instant gratification, but what if taking your time and valuing yourself over fleeting emotions leads to a significant impact on your life?

Slow and steady truly wins the race. Here’s how I’ve navigated through life’s challenges:

💔 Leaving a Relationship: It took me six attempts to leave a relationship. Each step of self-discovery and contemplation helped me grow. Wherever you are in your journey, you're right where you're meant to be. No pressure; you've got this.

🌟 Career Moves: I once struggled with the confidence to quit my job. Every moment of contemplation was a small step towards the right direction. It will happen when it's meant to.

🔄 Balancing Jobs: Juggling multiple jobs and feeling like a fraud was once my reality. It's okay to figure things out as you go. Each small step can change your path significantly.

🌈 Finding Your Path: Knowing you're destined for greatness but feeling unsure is a burden I know well. Believing in yourself, even in tiny moments, changes your future.

I’ve walked in your shoes and felt the same fears. But change is possible with self-love, dedication, and commitment. Your dreams can come true.

Reflecting on feminine energy, I’ve learned that it's about taking your time, trusting the process, and nourishing yourself. Take the space you need, and seek support if you need it. Stand up for what you deserve.

It's easy to feel like a victim of our circumstances, especially if we’ve been conditioned to fawn instead of fight. Sometimes, not standing up for ourselves leaves us stuck in situations we've outgrown.

I created the mantra "Subscribe to Your Dream" during a time when I needed to do things differently. When the world felt against me, I reminded myself that my dream life was unfolding. This mindset helped me through tough times and is something I teach.

When you start to change your life, everything around you changes too. Whether you choose to grow or retreat is up to you. Even in chaos, you have the power to believe in yourself and to change your life.

Each tiny decision you make today shapes your future. In "Subscribe to Your Dream Life," I teach you tools and practices to believe in yourself and understand your unique nature through astrology. Self-awareness is key!

We’ve all created our lives up to this point, and none of it is wrong or right. If it doesn’t feel good, that’s your sign to change. Say to yourself, "I’m going to subscribe to my dream life." Whatever that looks like for you, it's a journey worth taking.

I’m excited to start this journey with you. We begin this Wednesday 10/07 if you can't make the live it will be recorded for catch up. I want you to feel empowered, be the leading energy in your life, and love yourself enough to try, even when you wobble. Because the more you practice, the more you become!

Join me as we explore astrology and techniques to build a belief system that serves you.

Let’s start changing your life, moment by moment. Here’s the link if you want to join.

All my love and star-fueled energy,

Stevie xxx

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