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Unlocking Your Big Six in Astrology: A Guide to Understanding Your Personal Planets

Have you heard of your "big three" in astrology?

Well, let’s dive deeper into what’s known as your "big six." and your chart.

These are the five planets plus your rising sign, collectively referred to as your personal planets. They reveal key aspects of your personality, character, emotions, passions, values, and how you love.

What is your birth chart?

Your birth chart casts a light on your unique stardust where you came earth side. 

It gives you a snapshot of your energetic fingerprint to fulfilment during this lifetime. 

Gaining insights into your past, patterns that keep you stuck, the present moment, your power inc reading your world and preparing you for your future. 

It gifts you the ability to embrace your full potential and fully take the lead in your self actualisation. Next step is to unlock your big six.  

Discovering Your Big Six:

To unlock the secrets of your big six, you need your date of birth, time of birth, and place of birth. Did you know you can now download your birth chart for free on my website with a guide on how you can locate your big 6. If you having difficulties locating your time of birth try these tips on my page that can help you ascertain a time of birth and use them to make a chart in FAQ's:-

If you know your date time and place of birth you can sign up via the link above to locate your big six too!

If you’re new to astrology, start with understanding your top three:

  1. ☀️ Sun Sign: Your sun sign represents the core of your personality and how you express yourself. It's the part of you that shines brightest.

  2. ↖️ Rising Sign (Ascendant): This sign indicates how others perceive you upon first meeting. It also reveals what motivates and inspires you.

  3. 🌙 Moon Sign: Your moon sign is the key to your emotional world and intuition, opening the gateway to your limitless potential.

Top tip you want to read your moon sign horoscope first, then your rising and then your sun sign because it gives you a more accurate outline of what is going on in your life and the planets personal meaning to you.

Next, explore the other personal planets:

  1. 📚 Mercury: This planet illustrates your communication style, how you learn, and how you process information.

  2. 💘 Venus: Venus highlights how you give and receive love, your desires, and where you find pleasure.

  3. 🔥 Mars: Mars indicates your drive and motivation, showcasing how you take action and get things done.

Curious to Learn More?

Dive deeper into your personalised astrology with me through the "Subscribe to Your Dream Life" program. Here, I teach you the art of reading the celestial map that exists within you, guided by the moon cycles.

Join the Programme: Learn Astrology: Subscribe to Your Dream Life Through Stars Programme: Join to learn more about astrology and how to read your chart.

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Share Your Big Six:

Before you go, share your big six in the comments below. Let’s connect and explore the stars together!

All my love and star fuelled energy, Stevie xxxx

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