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The Moon and Cancer In your Birth Chart

Your Moon sign the gateway to your emotional world your subconscious mind

Cancer energy is I feel energy in your chart it’s your inner world, your emotions and feelings.  It signifies the part of you that wants to feel, see and be loved. The area of how you can nourish yourself in your safety. It’s emotional and intuitive energy. It’s the part of your chart that gifts you the ability to connect to your inner world and navigate your world through your own compass.

Moon is also ruled by Cancer energy. Your moon placement is your emotional nature. To find your birth chart you can now access your full birth chart direct on my website with a guide on exploring your big 6 you can download yours here:-

Your cancer and moon placements allow you to learn how to follow your emotional world and intuition. It allows you to tune into your emotions and supports you with bringing in your manifestations and rewiring your subconscious mind.

You moon sign captured at the time you were born gifts you a snapshot of your energetic emotional fingerprint to loving and nurturing yourself.

She represents your mum and main caregiver. See below to read your moon sign description and let me know in the comments if it resonates.

In addition to your moon sign which will unlock your emotional world you will also have cancer reside in one of your houses so when the moon is in cancer it will influence this area of your life check your rising sign below to see what house and area of your life cancer resides within:

Working with the moon is the best place to begin to unlock subconcious blocks of whats happening in your chart. She moves really quickly every 2.5-3 days she is the gateway planet to your full chart as you begin to watch her transits you can see into your inner world how that is influencing your outer world.

On Week 7 inside subscribe to your dream life 8 week programme we will explore you moon sign through your own workbook and personalised moon diary to help rewire your subconscious mind for self love and care.

It is a deep dive into the emotional landscape of your inner world as we explore the significance of your moon sign. How your moon sign influences your subconscious mind, emotional needs, and innermost desires, providing valuable insights into your patterns of self-love and self-care.

Which are key in you manifesting your hearts biggest desires.

If you want details of the full programme drop a 🌙 in the comments below and I can send you the details direct.

We start on 10/07/2024 at 19:30 for the first live session and in-between now and then you can access me, the WhatsApp group and the programme course to start today.

All my love and star fuelled energy, Stevie xxx

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