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The hard truth about success the lesson that super full moon capricorn is showing you.

Moon manifesting success lies in your perceived idea of failure. You see it's only through you implementing your daily actions and intentions that the compound effect happens.

Capricorn energy is all about taking the steps, moving the way and paving the next level of success.

But success isn't determined by what you see now and you won't be healed when you reach success. The thing is you are truly healed now. You are a beautiful divine light being.

Who was brought to this earth to succeed because you are succeeding now. Look at how far you have come, cap energy is terrible for looking ahead when actually this super full moon is tailing on from the super full moon in Sagittarius to show you there is so much opportunity around you.

That the next level won't matter because you feel whole and complete right now. This coming from a north node cap is something my life dharma is in showing you that you can succeed but just how magical you are right now. 5 ways to use the supermoon to ignite your manifestations is:-

  1. Connect to your intuition - make space to be quiet with your thoughts and feelings. Make note of anything that comes up for you.

  2. Take action that shows your subconscious mind that what you wish to achieve is possible. Taking the dream car for a test drive, upping your debt repayments by a small amount, going window shopping in a shop to see a dream item you wish to purchase. Get playful and inventive. Make use of the possibilities which you have around you to pave the way for what is possible.

  3. Focus on the feelings and not the outcome. Take a moment to really hone in on what you want to feel and then think about how you can create more of that feeling in your life right now.

  4. Write down all your accomplishments and successes make space to celebrate yourself.

  5. Write down any thoughts all feelings which are holding you back and burn them (safely) under this super moon energy. Shining a light on all the thoughts and feeling which hold you back can teach them a new way to believe in yourself.

You see this super full moon really wants you to see how successful you are but also how successful you can be that your definition of success and desire was your birth right and you can claim what you have achieved right now. It might just come back to that cancer new moon energy in how open you are to receive what success already surrounds you?

Your moon movements according to the week.

Monday 11th and Tuesday 12th July she is in that sign of saggitarius reconnecting you back to those super full moon energies in aiming high but also recognising the fun in that you get to create your big dream. You get to receive and create magic. How are you being playful in your manifestations and enjoying the journey?

Wednesday 13th July through to 14th July - She is in that super full moon energy a great moon to think about how you can truly recognise how far you have come? Let down the guards and make use of what you already have to achieve your dreams? How can you disconnect your worth from the outcome of achieving those? Because you are already enough right now.

Friday 15th into weekend she transitions into Aquarius energy a great time to think how our level of success gives back to others. The universe loves to know where the energy is going to be of service to all.

If you love these weekly moon updates you will love the girl + the moon membership its a safe space to be seen in your manifestations but also to connect with like minded souls who are on the same journey as you. You get a free moon diary every week and on top of that you also receive a workshop ran by me and guest experts to harness the energy in a fun free light spirited way.

You can sign up through the link here and find out more.

All my love and cosmic hugs,



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