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The Girl + The Moon - The Membership My Mission

Do you want to meet like minded sisters and soul friend. Have a space where your dreams and manifestations are supported, loved and treasured. Have a permission slip to create your vision and step into your most authentic self. A space to put a middle finger up to the limiting beliefs of playing small, not being seen and create and abnormal dream life. Because you know you were made for more.

If you know me you will know I lead a life where I conformed inside the boxes of society to play it safe and small. Because to dare to dream in my visions for myself were always told that it was too wildly to lead a life as abundantly free and wild as my heart desired. Being told your dreams are unrealistic dampens your soul but over the last 9 years I have spent time connecting to myself and making conscious decisions to change the trajectory of my life.

The girl + the moon membership is for the women who know they were destined for more and want soul connections and monthly accountability to feel inspired and activated to chase attract their dreams.

It's for those of you who hold yourself back and hold back your truest desires in fear or lack of belief if whether you can achieve them. I have been where you are too and questioned and doubted my own abilities to create my dream life more times than I would like to admit.

However there's always a voice within me leading me forward to keep going. My vision and mission with this sisterhood is to share our voices, activate your moon wishes and squash our doubt of belief. To create an unwavering belief of that I can keep going I have got this. To empower our inner super start o run the show and to create moments of I manifested it and my dreams are coming true moments with a sisterhood behind you.

To have a space and permission slip where you can dare to dream as big, visionary and freely as your soul wishes. With activating support tools to help you along the way.

We would love to welcome you and I can't wait to see what me and you can create together.

Join the sisterhood, fun and dream land here:-

All my love and cosmic hugs,

Stevie xxxxx

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