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Summer Solstice - Celebrate You

Summer Solstice Light Codes Incoming 🌟✨

20th June at 21:51

Get ready to harness the vibrant energy of the summer solstice with this ultimate guide to harness the magical energy of this day.

This is the perfect time to celebrate the longest day of the year, soak in the sunlight, and set powerful intentions for the next 6 months ahead.

It's a time of celebration, recognition, optimism and light. Here are some simple and beautiful ways you can celebrate this energy.

With the upcoming full moon in Capricorn too check out the upcoming blog post. This day and energy is really fuelling you to look at the foundation of your world and how it allows you to build your definition of success towards your dreams.

Think about the steps you can take towards where you want to go. What action are you feeling inspired to take? Where are you feeling called to grow and take steps?

Fuel yourself up with your wider goals and ambitions. Take a moment to stop on your journey and celebrate yourself this solstice. To recognise how far you have come and gratitude for all the good things that are going on in your life currently and how you can refocus and reenergise this.

Simple ways you can celebrate this solstice are:-

RISE EARLY - Take in the beautiful bright symmer days. Get your dose of sunshine by spending time outside to bask in the sunlight.

EXPRESS GRATITUDE - For all that you have. All that you are. And all that you are becoming.

BATHE YOUR CRYSTALS IN THE SUNLIGHT - Connect with warm, orange and yello crystals to infuse your rituals with the warming sun energy. You can also if supervised for a short period of time to not damage them let your crystals bathe out in the sunshine codes for a short period of time to infuse them with light of solstice energy.

CHECK IN - How are you actively working towards your goals? How are you feeling in yourself?

If you want the full guide, with visualisation and powerful sound infused affirmations head to my soul shop to grab yours to have your own ritual. Click here to explore:-

Members it’s included inside the membership for you feel free to joins us too and get access to over 100 resources to harness the power of lunar and nature cycles to manifest your life with intention and purpose.

What are you going to be doing to celebrate the solstice let me know in the comments below.

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