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✨Stellium in Gemini Connection, Curiousity and Social Vibes ✨

What does this stellium in Gemini mean for you?

A stellium occurs when 1 or 2 planets meet in the same sign 4 planets are meeting in the curious and inquisitive sign of Gemini.

With this powerful stellium on June 4, featuring the sun, Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter. This alignment promises vibrant energy, sparking lively interactions and intellectual stimulation.

It's an important time to explore Gemini energy in your chart and see where it radiates. With this cosmic alignment, there's a surge of energy in that specific house (area of your life), and each planet carries a unique message for you. Let's unlock those messages together check your rising sign to see what house it lights up for you:-

It's important to note that the upcoming New moon in Gemini and this stellium will bring lots of active energy to a particular area of your life in aka houses in astrology. See above.

When you were born, the stars captured an energetic snapshot of you in the skies, creating an individualised energetic fingerprint. As they transit around your houses (areas of your life), each particular transit, stellium, and lunar phase holds significant and unique meaning for you and your energy. If you want to get your own personalised free birth chart and beginners guide to finding your big 6 in astrology click here to get your free chart and workbook:

It’s a time to Embrace this dynamic Gemini energy with enthusiasm and curiosity as it sets the stage for an exciting year ahead for that particular house as the lucky planet Jupiter entered this house also back on May 25th this house will receive lots of luck and expansion over the coming year as Jupiter transits through this sign. Check this blog post to discover more if you missed it:-

Delving into spontaneity, stimulating conversations, and exploring new interests with this transit being mindful of superficiality, and strive for genuine connections. Channel creativity into innovative projects and expand your social circle for personal and professional growth.

By tracking the transits and planetary movements, you can gain deeper awareness of yourself, your blockages, potentials, and opportunities.

To simplify things, I've created a guide that provides insights into Gemini in your chart, revealing which house is being illuminated for you. Note that this is a general reading and more guidance is noted through other placements in your chart. Swipe to find your mercury placement below (and if you are new to this use my free birth chart sign up to find out yours and then come back to this blog post to find out more about your mercury placement)

Explore your Mercury planet as well, as it embodies Gemini energy—since Mercury is ruled by Gemini, its energetic imprints will reflect where it's located in your chart too. Your Mercury and Gemini energy is something to work with in manifesting when you are looking at how you communicate, learn and connect through you chart.

Take a look at what it means for you in the slide and check your rising sign to see which area of your life is currently infused with all this magical energy. If you'd like help reading your stars click here to book your 121 appointment with me

I have spaces available and a waitlist for my next group program, subscribe to your dream life ,’ which teaches you the basics of reading your birth chart. Check out the programme here:-

Sending you all my love and star-fueled energy,

Stevie xx

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