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New Podcast Episode 🎙️ Struggling to believe in your manifestations coming true?


The doubt, fear and imposter syndrome can feel real.

When you are waiting for the physical element of your manifestation to come through to you in that touch it, feel it, see it and have it vibe. Damn it feels good right.

This part of the process is completely normal and in this solo episode I dive deep into:-

💫 Practical everyday practices in which you can begin to rewire your subconscious mind

✨Exploring the power of moon mantras, also known as affirmations

🌙How you can begin to shift your internal world to support the growth of our outer world.

🤍Navigating the transition process of manifesting and how you can use these to learn and grow

🫶Keeping the faith when your reality doesn’t reflect our desires.

Discover how you can use the moon's energy with your words to change and grow in your own unique way in this episode. It’s the perfect time as the moon begins to wane and we head towards the New Moon in Gemini to begin to look at how you can cultivate the words and belief within you for your next chapter.

Let me know your biggest take away from the episode and your new moon mantra below.

Keep believing because it's coming for you!

All my love and star fuelled energy,

Stevie xxx

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