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Learn about the moon cycle magic and how it can support you to manifest the life of your dreams.

The moon is our best friend in the sky, she is bright, she wanes and waxes.

She appears illuminated, bold and beautiful for a few days of the month during full moon and then hidden, mysterious and retreated for the new moon.

You may notice I refer to the moon as a she, the reason I do so is because females are most attuned to the moon and in history it has been linked to feminine energy.

If you think about it we are cyclical like the moon. This is demonstrated through our menstrual cycle which on average is for 28 days and the moons cycle through 8 phases over a period of 29.5 days.

Although, it isn’t just referred to for the use of tracking the menstruation cycle, it can also be used for the menopause.

You see, as the moon cycles through it’s phases each one has a unique energy which resonates within us. Therefore we can check in with the moon and ourselves to see how we are feeling. In turn this supports us to present as our most illuminated and magical selves.

Yet within that time of its cycle there is time of rest, relaxation and reflection. You see the moon only shines bright in all of its abundant light for a few days of that cycle, so how does that reflect in us?

Well it serves as a reminder that when you aren’t feeling bright, bold and beautiful that is ok. If you feel like you need to retreat she holds space for us to do so as she does during the new moon.

She leads us into that magical cycle that we don’t have to be big, bright and wonderful all the time. Yet we still posses essence of beauty, wisdom and light.

In a world that is focussed on outcomes, the next chapter, the next big thing and running after endless dreams. The moon reminds us that you can’t shine bright all the time, you can rest, take in the now and still achieve your dreams.

So, I bet you are thinking how can I manifest my dreams with the moon? Well, you can it is the most organic, authentic and nurturing way to set intentions and actions.

The moon cycles shows in its very essence that we retreat, we grow, we illuminate and then we begin to slowly retreat. When we set goals in this cycle, to learn and grow. It comes at a pace in which we can go with the flow and have faith in the universe. But, most importantly faith in ourselves.

How does it work?

The moon has four main phases:-

  • New Moon – A time to set your intentions and dream big

  • Waxing Moon – A time to set those goals into motion let’s act on those dreams.

  • Full Moon – A time to celebrate on all that you are and all that you are becoming, let go of what is no longer serving you and release those beliefs.

  • Waning Moon – At time to reflect, rest and recuperate. (yes you heard me rest! 😉 it is allowed when you are working hard towards your dreams)

During that new moon, you set the most beautiful intentions, you vision about your dreams and you look at what are those next steps you can take towards them.

As the moon goes into waxing phase you pick up momentum with those goals, so you go out and you act on them. However, tiny those steps are you make them.

During the waxing phase you are in full productivity mode with your actions, then as the full moon comes we begin to celebrate our achievements and express gratitude for all that we are and all we are becoming.

During full moon stage is where all our emotions come out to play, so at times your inner messy (the voice that loves to tell you what you can and can’t achieve) comes out to play a little more. It is important to take note here and release those fears and doubts into the full moon’s energy. As we enter waning phase we retreat back, we reflect on ourselves and rest.

Because, that’s the beauty of working with the moon’s energy and cycles. We are working in flow and letting go.

Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither will your dreams be. You see, the moon brings us back to nature. We live in a world of the fast, now and achieve. Yet we know that the reality of life isn’t so fast paced.

In reflecting back on yourself you build self awareness and make time for you.

If the moon can be that powerful and mystical and not on show all the time, so can we and with moon cycle magic we do just that.

We reach towards our dreams and we bring them into our life. Using these three simple steps:-

  1. Set your goals at new moon – take a pen and paper, as we know that when you write down your goals with a pen and paper you have the generation effect. Where your brain goes through the process of thinking about them and then writing them down which leaves them imprinted on your brain = you are more likely to achieve them.

  2. Take the step in waxing moon – So no matter how big your dream you take the first step during waxing moon that can set you on your way = when we take the first step it’s the hardest, however once we take it the momentum builds.

  3. We celebrate and express gratitude all that we are and all we are becoming at full moon – yes girl, you heard me celebrate yourself = when we celebreate and express gratitude we attract more of that into our lives (law of attraction baby 😉) it works so focus your energy on all of the good. There is magic in every day even when things are a hot mess, you job isn’t working out, your relationships aren’t as you had hoped, your dreams feel like a million miles away and you feel drained. I get it we have all been there, however there is magic in your day be it the warm cup of coffee you have in the morning, the snuggly feeling of your bed sheets on you at night, the warm water you shower with each day and the glorious food you have access too. The list is infinite, it’s just some days you have to search for it.

In the moon cycle magic workshop we deep dive into all of this beauty and it enables us to lead the lives of our dreams. We look at:-

  • The history of the moon

  • Understand Moon Cycles

  • Female Energy with the Moon and Masculine Energy

  • Know the Full Moon Names throughout the year and how to connect with Nature

  • Crystals to use for New Moon and Full Moon

  • Journal Prompts and Affirmations for Moon Cycle

  • MAGICAL Goal Setting to enable you to set goals with soul

  • Be able to create your own moon ceremonies

How does this help you? You will:

  • Match your energy to your desires so you can materialise what you want to attract into your life

  • Learn how to feel whole – recognise all your growth and build on your self worth.

  • Break repeating patterns that are holding you back – identify what thoughts and beliefs you have, that might be holding you back in attracting what you want in life.

  • Get clear on your values and beliefs – discover what it is you want and take action

  • Less worry and more trust – change your thoughts of scarcity and negativity to abundance. Having faith that the universe will always provide.

  • Feel inspired and mentored – learn how to connect to your inner magic and seek support when you need it.

  • Let it go – Go with the flow more, provide opportunity to allow your dreams to grow

It really does here are some magic moments created through moon cycle magic workshops:-

“Stevie I loved that. Everything made sense. Everything you said resonated. I always say I am sceptic, but every time it makes sense to my life” Rosie.

“Thank you for the workshop. It was really good and you are so knowledgeable. I can’t wait for the next one. I am learning when I am planning too much and  realsing control to balance out my feminine and masculine energy. Making time to relax going out for walks and hearing nature is nice.” Megan.

“It has made me feel more positive and to give things a go. Don’t give up on my dreams” Carole.

Moon Cycle’s really do give you magic, when you know how to use them 🌕🌙💜

At the time of writing this, I am running an offer on the moon cycle magic workshop course if you sign up before the 10th October 2020 you get 10% off. So if you want to join me and make magic, direct message me on Instagram and facebook @magicalandmessy to reserve your place.

Please share with me your own moon journeys and tag me in your posts on Instagram and facebook or DM me to share your magic moments with moon cycles.

Love and light always,

Stevie your Moon Mentor and Crystal Healer.

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