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Jupiter Cazimi Luckiest Day of the Year

and the Taurus Stellium what it means for you

Jupiter arrives tomorrow and in an astrological term it refers to the moment when the planet Jupiter is in exact conjunction with the Sun.

Why is it called the luckiest day in Astrology? This alignment is considered highly auspicious because Jupiter, the planet of expansion, abundance, and good fortune, is strengthened by the radiant energy of the Sun.

But you know me I am here to upgrade your mindset every damn day to remind you of how magical you are.. Check out this short sound, reiki and lucky girl energy infused sound bath to raise your vibes today. (Ps Stevie records these affirmation and sound healing head tapes inside the membership for you to access on the go! Join the membership to claim them).

Really it’s a moment in time to remember your infinite luck and opportunities which exist within you. The planets are energy you are energy. Like the planets have power to direct and hold their energy so do you.

During this Jupiter Cazimi, Jupiter’s positive qualities are amplified, making it a potent time for manifestation, growth, and success in various areas of life check out your rising sign below to identify what area of your like astrologically is being touched and gifted with luck tomorrow. P.s if you don't know your rising sign and your big six don't forget you can now head to my website for my free birth chart download and guide to begin to read and access your chart to understand it here:

In addition in this house outlined above you will also have a stellium taking place in the grounded, abundant and nourishing sign of Taurus. A stellium means when 1 or 2 planets meeting in the same sign.

When you were born the stars took a snap shot of you in the skies and created an energetic fingerprint which they transit around your houses (areas of your life) and so each particular transit, cazimi, lunar phase holds significant and individual unique meaning to you and your energy houses.

Tracking the transits and planets movements allows you to gain deeper awareness of your self, your blockages, potentials and opportunity.

To make it easy for you I made this guide above that gifts you the knowledge of Taurus in your chart so you can see what house is being lit up for you as well as exploring your Venus planet as this has Taurus energy within it too because it’s a great time to connect with this energy as Venus is ruled by Taurus too so those energetic imprints of this energy will be where she is located in your chart too. Check for your venus planet energy (if you don't know this again complete your birth chart and free downloadable to access.

If you want me to help you read your stars join my next group programme subscribe to your dream life that teaches you the exact practices to be able to gift you the basics of reading your birth chart and I also offer 121 readings too where I read your stars for you

Have a lucky blessed day!

All my love and star fuelled energy, Stevie xxx

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