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Instantly feel happier with all that you are

Happiness, at times feels everywhere yet just out of our grasp, when we are consumed with timelines of happy pictures that stream on instagram of perfectly captured bright, fun and loving moments. It can leave you feeling low on energy and ultimately feeling like you haven’t got life figured out.

We have heard it all before, instagram is a highlight reel of the up’s captured by our closest friends, celebrities and the entire population of the world, looking like they have it all together.

Happiness is ultimately in the slowing down, it isn’t in the rich hotel, the fancy restaurant, the flashy car, the new dress and the latest material item. Which we are all guilty of buying into in order to achieve happiness.

Happiness is something that is built from within. You can be sat in that new amazing car or flash restaurant. Ultimately though if you are unhappy within yourself and your life the joy will be fleeting.

In feeling truly happy and having the ability to get that instant happy feeling, it takes the work to think about what is really important to you?

Happiness needs to be seen in what we are doing, the flashy holiday appears appealing because really we are slowing down taking in that moment.

Instant happiness is achevied in expressing the gratitude for everything as it is. Being present in the moment. Taking on board and reflecting on all you have become and where you are now. Just take a moment to reflect on that it is so powerful to take joy in where we are right now.

Happiness isn’t an end goal. It is something that is there everyday. You just have to look for it in what you have in the here and now.

The comfy chair you are sat in now whilst you are reading this, the warm cup of tea that sits on the side, the ice cold beverage that sits awaiting your first sip. The morning sound of the birds.

If you want instant happiness switch off from the future and hone in on what you have right now. Because happiness and joy is all around you it’s just a case of ceasing the attempt to seek it and see all that is in front of you.

Here is a challenge for you right now grab pen and paper:

Name three things that you are grateful for now.

Describe three achievements you are proud of.

Look around you, what pictures or items do you see which give you a memory or a sense of joy?

What sounds can you hear that give you a sense of peace?

How does that feel to see the abundance of joy and happiness you already posses.

This is all around you, just take a moment to inhale it in. You can get happiness instantly without spending money, without venturing off and just being.

To support you with your happiness use your crystals as a reminder of the abundance of joy and happiness that already exists to set those intentions to allow this energy to continue to flow. Crystals to support with this are:

Rose quartz

Smoky quartz




Happiness is simplicity.


Living in the moment really does make you happy the guardian 10.11.2010

Matt Killingsworth TEDTalk Want to be happier? Stay in the moment.

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