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How waning moon can open you heart and desires

Hey beauties,

Welcome to a fresh new week of moon updates 💜🌙

I wanted to start this week with reflecting on the waning moon energies a point of retreat and going inwards.

We can easily think our ways out of pausing and not taking any movement. Yet if you think of the moon she never stops herself on her journey of waning,waxing and rising. She is cyclical.

That's why its important to connect to self care and the feeling of the feelings you wish to attract that set you off on this moon cycle at the beginning with the new moon.

Therefore I want to ask you - what does your soul need to keep going? Yet to also rejoice in this moment of pause.

Over the waning period of this moon phase the moon is calling you into taking action with starting of Aries energy as well as being in Taurus and Gemini. There is a real call to take action to nourish your soul and connect to where your soul desires to learn and grow through connections and reading.

Monday 18th July - Pisces/Aries energy today is a great day to think of those short term actions which you connected to at super full moon to take steps towards your plans.

Tuesday 19th July - Aries energy is calling you to take action towards your vision from a space of review and assessing. Looking at where you are and how you can take tangible actions moving forward how they nourish you and others will serve you well in connecting deeper to your souls mission.

Wednesday 20th and Thursday 21st July - Taurus energy is calling you to be grounded in the essence of your, to indulge yourself and look after your soul. What can you do to ensure your goals and ambitions that were lit up within your during the capricorn super full moon can be nourished in self care and love.

Friday and the weekend is in Gemini its a great time to read a book and expand your mind through activating conversations.

Over this next week as the moon continues to wane continue to connect back to your intuition and soul.

If you want to dive deeper into your connection with the moon then the girl + the moon is the best membership to connect deeper to your self care and moon rituals to bring in your manifestation and dreams. No vision is too big, the sky is your limit. Come join us here.

Have the best week all my love and cosmic hugs, Stevie xxxxx

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