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How to use all the phases of the moon cycle New and Waxing

New Moon has passed now and the biggest question I get asked and mistake I see in manifesting with the moon with my clients is they loose the momentum and don't use every phase of the moon cycle.

This week 1st and 2nd August she begins in the sign of virgo so these tips are perfect to implement with your plan.

Virgo energy grounds you into the moment and gets you thinking about how you can bring your vision board dreams into reality with a plan and analysis of what steps you need to take.

New Moon is a great time to Future Script Write in present tense as if you have achieved all your dreams and manifestations. As if they are happening right now. Example: I am running my own business, I have time freedom and ease. I booked the most luxurious holiday for the summer and we are going first class. The whole family too! I can't wait we are having a meal out to plan the details next week at our favourite restaurant.

As we approach the middle of the week she goes into the waxing phase in Libra. Libra is all about bring your life back into balance and allowing you to succeed.

Thinking of that plan, the waxing phase of the moon is about challenging yourself and with challenge it's important to introduce self care. Libra loves getting glamourous and also brings our awareness to how we show up in relationships.

During the Waxing Phase of the moon you can Write down your goals and actions that you can take to meet that future version of you. However first think about how you feel in that future version of you? Make an action for self care that allows you to access that feeling right here right now.

Towards the end of the week she is in Scorpio think of your passions unearth anything that you have kept hidden Think about how you can shine a light on this. Scorpio can sit on stuff and bringing it to awareness shadow parts of you can allow more light to be brought to situation.

Come back next week to see the next steps and if you are ready to level up your moon manifestations why not join the girl + the moon for £15 per month find out more here.

Have the best week and don't forget to make it mooningful.

All my love and cosmic hugs,

Stevie xxxxxxx

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