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How to listen to your heart

To come true.......

It's very true, in a world where we are bombarded with do this and do that to achieve x result.

You've gotta to go back to the core of you drown out the noise and listen to your heart. That's why I love holding the space I do in the girl + the moon membership. Because it truly allows you to connect to a deeper part of yourself.

It allows you time and space that fits into your every day week to connect to your intuition and gain confidence with it. This is what the purpose of these weekly reels and blogs are for you to connect to the lunar energies and the messages she is whispering to you to do things your way. I live my life by these cycles and I know how much benefit you get from working with these.

The moon as she waxes this month which is as the moon builds momentum and reflecting back on the new moon energies last week. She begins her journey in Virgo energy.

Monday 4th July and Tuesday 5th July she is calling you to plan how you are service to yourself first before you put yourself out to others. Giving from an overflowing cup. Like the trees and bushes do during the autumn. Think of yourself as a tree happy to put on a display and give back having filled up your own pot first. Having recognised your own light first and sense of worth and recognition for how you give back.

During the mid week Wednesday and Thursday she is in the beautiful sign of libra again a perfect energy to bring into harmony these new boundaries you have for yourself that allow you space to be seen in community but also how they give back. Thinking of some time for self care and how you dress and show up right now is a beautiful energy to do with Libra.

Friday through to the weekend she is in Scorpio energy that time just before the Sagittarius full super moon when you connected inwards what was showing up for you then in terms of how passionate you feel in your life? How much pleasure are you receiving? Where do you want to open up more? This moon energy is great to check in with your own needs and thinking of ways in which you can communicate these over the weekend.

If you love the moon updates I invite you along to the membership girl + moon it includes monthly moon diaries a workshop and fun ways in which you can implement connecting to your intuition and spiritual practice for £10 a month offer only valid until the 5th July. Find out more here

Have the best week and I love to know how your moon manifesting is going email me on to share. All my love and cosmic hugs, Stevie xxxxxx

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