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How to connect deeper to your desires before the New Moon Leo

Hey Beauties,

Here we are in a fresh new week and these are your lunar updates according to the moon.

The moon like last week is continuing to wane before she begins to build up momentum towards the new moon.

This week is the ultimate cocoon stage, of going inwards and connecting to yourself.

As the dark moon draws in it's drawing you more inwards towards your connection to your soul which will be warmed and connected to the new moon Leo energy firing you up to dive deeper into your dreams and share yourself with the world.

Recognising how magnificent you are ✨

Monday 25th July she is in the sign of Gemini/Cancer where she will remain in cancer until Wednesday. It's important to connect to those barriers and routines which were brought to the forefront for you during cancer season. How can you continue to let down your guard? What support do you need? Where does your self care routine need improvement? Think back to that Taurean energy last week.

From Thursday into Friday she transitions into Leo New Moon where she is calling you to step deeper into your power, recognise your own light so you can continue to shine bright and step deeper into your authenticity and light.

This new moon is calling you to shine a light on your potential, to recognise your unique gifts and step deeper into these as you show up in community. Because you are adored, loved and appreciated.

Happy New Moon! Have fun and stay magic,

All my love and cosmic hugs,

Stevie xxxxxxxx

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