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How Astrology Changed My Life

And how to read your big 6 to begin to change your life today!

Here's What They Aren't Saying About Astrology

Astrology isn't just about looking at your stars to get lost in them; it's about finding yourself within. It's about aligning your energy and mindset to your highest level of consciousness. It's about changing yourself on a subconscious level and making changes in alignment with your star chart to help you manifest the life you are dreaming of.

How Astrology Changed My Life

My whole life transformed when I decided to hand in the notice to that soul-draining 9-5 job, leave an unfulfilling relationship, and understand my subconscious programming to shift my beliefs to align with my dreams. I went from:

  • Fearful of quitting my job to handing in my notice with confidence, trusting my vision to make it work.

  • Working a soulless job that drained me to doing what I love each day on my own terms.

  • Staying in a marriage that wasn't serving me to understanding, untangling, and consciously leaving it, ultimately finding new love.

  • Fearing my bank account and mounting debt to saving, paying off debt, and becoming debt-free.

  • Following society's narrative of the "perfect" lifestyle to courageously defining how I wanted to live, free from the judgment of others.

For the longest time, I believed these dreams were out of reach. I settled for less, subconsciously seeking situations that affirmed my fears.

Yet when I decided to be the author of my own story, astrology allowed me to see subconscious patterns (like my Moon sign), life cycles, and lessons. I learned to plan, lean in, and realise that life is perfectly aligned and timed as you shift from lack to your birth state of abundance everything changes. For you are energy bottled up in human skin and that energy can be read and understood through the language of the skies, stars and your soul. Astrology is the gateway to your cosmic blueprint that when you begin to tread the path of self discovery you get to lean in to what you know to be true. Without the external world validating you.

The first place to start in understanding your Astrology is your big 6 and you can now access free birth chart direct on my website here:

Astrology has long been a tool for self-discovery and understanding the cosmos' influence on our lives. By learning to read and interpret your birth chart, you can uncover profound insights about your personality, emotions, relationships, and life path. In this blog post, we'll explore the basics of astrology, focusing on the "Big Six" planets and how they shape who you are.

They are called your big 6 and they are known as personal planets.

  • Rising Sign: Your personality. It represents your outward behavior, first impressions, and how you approach life.

  • Sun Sign: Your ego. It signifies your core identity, basic personality traits, and what drives you.

  • Moon Sign: Your emotional nature. It reflects your inner self, emotional responses, and subconscious needs.

  • Venus: The way you love. It governs your romantic relationships, affection, and values in love and beauty.

  • Mars: The way you get things done. It influences your energy, drive, and approach to achieving goals.

  • Mercury: The way you communicate. It affects your communication style, thought processes, and intellectual expression.

How to Get Started with Astrology

Embarking on your astrological journey doesn't have to be daunting. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you begin:

  1. Get Your Birth Chart: Use an online birth chart calculator and free downloadable PDF on my website to locate your big 6 here:

  2. Study the Big Six: Focus on understanding the Rising Sign, Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars, and Mercury in your chart.

  3. Learn the Houses: Each planet falls into a specific house in your chart, influencing different life areas (e.g., career, relationships, home life). Check on my monthly new moon and full moon instagram posts to understand what houses are being lit up for you.

  4. Connect the Dots: Explore how the planets interact with each other through aspects (angles), revealing deeper insights into your personality and life experiences. (we dive deep into transit work with plot with the stars on 8 week subscribe to your dream life course

  5. Join a Community: Consider joining subscribe to your dream life where I teach you the exact steps you can use to begin to read your birth chart and shift your mindset to your star potential!

Why Join "Subscribe to Your Dream Life" Programme?

In my 8-week "Subscribe to Your Dream Life" programme, you'll dive deep into understanding your birth chart. Whether you're new to astrology or have some experience, this programme offers personalised guidance to help you unlock your potential.

  • Personalised Guidance: I'll guide you through your birth chart, helping you understand its unique aspects.

  • Live Q&A Sessions: Get your chart questions answered live during class calls via our WhatsApp group.

  • Practical Exercises: Engage in exercises designed to deepen your understanding and apply astrological insights to your life.

  • Supportive Community: Connect with like-minded individuals on a similar journey, providing mutual support and encouragement.

We start on July 10th! Ready to unlock your birth chart and embrace your full potential? Click to learn more and enroll in the programme.

Can't wait to see you in there. Pstt... before you go let me know your big 6 in the comments below. I'll go first Sun Pisces, Moon Libra, Rising Capricorn, Mercury Pisces, Mars Gemini and Venus Aries.

All my love and star fuelled energy, Stevie xxx

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