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Crystals to help with lockdown

Certainly over the last 8 weeks, we have all been pushed to limits, with challenges we could have never imagined would be upon us at the beginning of 2020.

I have experienced every emotion to being in tears, joyful, filled with rage and anger, happy, content, anxious, scared, fearful, inquisitive and at points unmotivated and I am shutting myself from the world today.

I don’t know about you, as we edge more into these next phases, the more of our annual events and plans get cancelled, conflicting advice and opinions it can feel like everything is more outside of our control more than ever.

Frustrating as it is, we have no control over the new plans, we do however have every little bit of control on how we navigate through these next months.

During this season of lockdown, it has highlighted to me more than ever we gravitate to behaviours and habits which don’t serve us. It is perfectly normal to find yourself creeping back into those old habits. We are out of our comfort zone and you can’t be so mad at yourself for needing a little comfort at this time.

If you haven’t had time to reflect on what habit or behaviours have crept in for you, then I encourage you to take time to reflect on what you might be engaging within subconsciously.

What isn’t serving you?

What isn’t assisting you in showing up as the best version of yourself?

Please don’t take this as an opportunity to reflect on all the negative though, just acknowledge it and move on.

Taking it forward thinking, how can I do better? What steps am I going to make over the next week?

Now more so than ever we need to be kind to ourselves.

I have learnt about myself during this time I am very critical of myself and I naturally bury things and move on. I then get caught in a period of reflection, thinking about what did go wrong and actually see that I was being hard on myself in carrying on and that in truth I should have taken a breather and more time to reflect.

The slower pace of life has allowed me to pick up on this habit. I do it quicker than before, certainly moving forward into this new normal I want to make sure I take time to reflect on each and every day to recognise how I feel at that very moment.

Crystals have certainly supported me during this change. Those that have provided me with most comfort have been:-

Citrine – which is a stone of inspiration, goal setting and vision. I have found I have been drawn to it and it has assisted me in setting goals for my every day. I don’t know about you but the lack of routine has sent me into a spin, so each morning in writing my to do list I spend some time with my citrine. It has assisted me in setting the vision of what I want this lockdown to feel like. Yes it is a period of massive change and I have found myself in periods of worry thinking of all those who it has impacted far more greatly than myself. It feels consuming. Taking the time to focus on what I can control and take action on to keep me well and how I can actively contribute to those in need has certainly left me feeling in more control and less feeling down in the dumps and consumed in thoughts of what I can't do.

Giving me that reminder each day to think about what my intentions are and how I can go about setting goals with soul, each day to nourish me. Trust me it hasn’t happened every day, however on the days I take myself back to sit with this stone it realigns me with my higher vision.

If you are in a little need of some inspiration to set your goals to align with your new vision, cirtine is a great stone to support you with this.

Labradorite – the stone of transformation and an excellent companion through change, imparting strength and perseverance. This stone allows us to strengthen our intuition and promotes our psychic abilities.

When looking into this mesmerising stone it has certainly allowed me to reflect on the lights that shine that can’t always be seen. I have used it to meditate with, to ground myself and to think about what it is I really want in anchoring in to my higher self.

It shuts out the ego and has allowed me to find some calm and peace within myself. To trust in the process and recognise I am exactly where I need to be.

It has certainly been challenging, when thinking of all the could have been and would have beens during this change. This stone has assisted me in really taking on board the hear and now and bringing a sense of knowing that right now I am safe.

How are you making time to reflect on you? In need of some strength. Sit with this beautiful stone and really take a moment to listen to that voice within you, that one that drowns out the ego and knows you truly well.

I can say we are all in this together, to some extent we are. But I recognise that here and now we all have previous experiences , traumas and or/situations so what you might be experiencing is completely different to those around you.

Just taking a moment to acknowledge each and everyone of you. You are doing an amazing job, you should be so proud of yourself.

I hope this has inspired you in some way to partner up with your crystals.

You got this girl.

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