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Astrology changed my life

Here's what they aren't telling you about astrology....

Ever felt like you're stuck in a loop of self-doubt and unfulfilling patterns? You're not alone. Many of us struggle to find our true calling and live life to its fullest potential. That's where Astrology can help you change your life. And I totally want to share with you today the magic of your Lunar Node how it comes in – a powerful tool for self-discovery, healing, and transformation.

It's not about looking at your stars to get lost in them it's about finding yourself with them.

It's about taking back you power, your energy and getting into alignment in to your highest state of consciousness.

My whole life changed when I decided to study for my future and not for that good old stable management job, to hand in the notice and dedicate more time to my business and when I finally said to my husband we've tried this enough let's go our seperate ways with love and respect for each other. This is how you can make changes too because your star chart is the map which guides you to the inner feelings you know are destined for you.

I have been super honest and transparent with you about my journey and it’s been a beautiful winding and colourful one. If you saw my recent reel you will now I am currently holding myself through other transformation going on in my life.

Despite being told by the naysayers on multiple occasions and my own negative Nancy having her piece to say my journey has looked like:

🔮 In 2018, I embraced spirituality and astrology as guiding forces on my journey. I pursued my passion for crystal healing and energy coaching while being told to stick to the corporate ladder.

🎉 2019: I questioned societal norms, my marriage, and my career. I left my draining 9-5 job to create time for my passions, despite the skepticism.

🌍 2020: Amidst the pandemic, I became a Reiki practitioner and built my online business while balancing a less taxing job. Critics thought I'd need to return to my old ways.

💪 2021: Eclipse season over my career and family life led me to leave my 9-5, invest in my business, and defy the naysayers yet again.

💕 2022: Through therapy and coaching, I found strength in vulnerability. I launched my membership and group coaching program while navigating divorce, a part-time job, and newfound love.

🌱 2023: Divorced, full-time in my business, and a published author in my very own flat, I've shattered expectations and continued building towards my vision.

🚀 2024: With a focus on growth and healing, I'm expanding my business and creating more spaciousness in my life, proving that even our wildest dreams are within reach!

It all started back in 2018 when I went back to what I knew my saturn return incoming and thinking swizzle stevie you gotta take back control of your destiny and that it what I did. This is where I started.

My Lunar Nodes.

Your Lunar nodes are celestial markers in your birth chart, indicating your soul's evolutionary path. The North Node represents your life purpose, growth, and destiny, while the South Node signifies past life influences and comfort zones. Understanding your nodes can help you break free from limiting beliefs and create a life aligned with your authentic self.

Through working with my lunar nodes, I found the courage to embrace change, trust my intuition, and overcome obstacles. Mine are in my 1st and 7th houses the north node sat in my first house encouraging me to boldly do things for me and leave behind collaboration and relationship tendencies I have.

To give you a taste of Lunar Node Magic, you can find yours with me. If you haven’t already down load your free birth chart on my website and find these:-

Once you have found them check to see which signs they are in and check back to which sits where in your chart.

Let's explore mine the Capricorn North Node and Cancer South Node. As a Capricorn North Node individual, I am destined to embrace ambition, independence, and self-discipline, while the Cancer South Node highlights the importance of nurturing yourself and finding emotional balance. Sometimes I can get tied up in nurturing for and taking care of others my 7th house and I will naturally and comfortably build towards others hope and ambitions but this life time it’s about embracing doing things my way and putting myself first. Where as most of my 20’s I had been creating based on what society thought I should do and not identifying myself outside of a relationship with my own goals. It allowed me to see my patterns to help me consciously build and try new things to help me confidently step into my power.

By understanding these energies, you too can redefine your patterns and confidently step into your power.

Since that day in 2018 where I cried felt overwhelmed and took the first step by making changes to my education and making more time for study (some nights I was up hours) I’ve since become an author, astrologer, and coach, helping others harness their own superpowers and manifest their dreams.

Now, I'm sharing my wisdom in an 8-week program called "Subscribe to Your Dream Life," where I'll guide you on a transformative journey into lunar node magic. You'll discover your unique strengths, heal past traumas, and learn to create the life you've always desired.

It’s time to rewire your beliefs to the life you desire.  Join me in the "Subscribe to Your Dream Life" programme, and together, we'll unlock your superpowers and create the life you were meant to live. Share your lunar nodes in the comments below, and let's do this together!

Can't wait to see you in there xxx

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