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A journal entry about me

You are made for more and my soul’s mission is to show you how to start living your wild, free, and limitless life.

Let me tell you my story. Not so long ago I had forgotten my soul’s mission. I had quickly made my way up the corporate ladder in a shiny Business and Development Senior Management Role. By the age of 22 I had landed my first management position and by 25 I was sat on a senior management team.

But the office, fancy job, and team, was accompanied with fancy holidays, nice car, house, and things. Yet there I was still feeling dissatisfied. My heart ached I thought ‘there has got to be more than this.’

In June 2019 whilst sorting and prepping one of the offices for a move, I picked up a box and there was a swoosh. A table landed on my foot. I yelped and hobbled across the offices to my chair, screaming ‘I’m fine I just need a minute’ to everyone who was asking me if I was okay with a mix of concern and confusion.

As people peered through the office door at me saying, ‘we think you need to go to hospital’ which I bravely refused. The tough cookie; that’s me. I was soon whisked off in a colleague’s car when it finally dawned on me that I had broken my big toe!

The next day I was sat at home with my feet up, a broken toe (and soul) thinking ‘oh no what next?’

This really was a sign from the universe to stop! At this point my Saturn return was kicking in. Saturn is the planet of structure and authority you have two during your lifetime. One at 30 and one at around the age of 60. The planets align to restructure areas of your life to bring you back into true alignment with your values and the desires you wish to create on this earth. During these time frames you can leave relationships, create new careers, and completely change the direction of your life and values.

Leading up to this point I had become a kind of closet spiritual witch. I am not going to lie. I always had a crystal around my neck or on my desk at work. However, I wasn’t out there with it. I was successful and driven in my career, but I couldn’t shake the feeling that I should be on a different path. I wanted to pour my heart into something I loved. I could never quite figure it out.

Let’s just say I have always been determined to rewrite the judgement others had of me. I had managers who told me I was “too much”. Despite these comments, a year later I was asked to lead an inspiring woman’s talk at the Springboard Development Programme within that organisation.

Before gaining my senior role, I had one recruiting manager at the same organisation say you are under skilled and don’t have enough experience, try aiming a little lower. In true Stevie style I was determined to show I could do anything I put my mind to. Ten applications later I landed a job 5X higher than the salaried job that I was told I wasn’t good enough for in the same organisation.

When I left home at 16 they said she will end up pregnant and need support. She will never make it. I followed my soul and left a toxic environment and took care of me first. This is where a lot of my approval issues were stemming from; an unsupportive family background.

I had been reconnecting with my inner child through therapy, in all honesty on the quest of gaining family approval, to do things right and follow the path of life. You know, the one where you secure the 9-5 job, mortgage, living quietly inside the edges. It dawned on me the love and acceptance from them wasn’t forthcoming and I needed to love myself first. I had lost sight of what Stevie wanted to do. I felt more lost than ever.

During these therapy sessions, I remembered I wasn’t just placed on this earth to work hard and gain approval. I began on a journey to find myself again and it didn’t take long for crystal collecting, spell making and dreamy inner Stevie to take centre stage.

Within me lived this passionate star and moon gazer, world healer, empath and a wild soul who was destined to run free. It was only in reconnecting back to myself and making space for my own personal development did I realise that through my moon wishing from the age of 11 had lots of my manifesting come to fruition! However, I was determined to become devoted to creating a life which I loved.

I couldn’t bear to be under the constraints of rigid 9 to 5 work any longer. I am someone who knows that I am here to create and lead a world where everyone can shine within their own unique gifts to live wildly and abundantly on their own terms with no rule book.

There I was: corporate officer by day and witch by night holding moon ceremonies, manifesting my dream life and charging my crystals. There was always an ache in my heart and the ‘big toe drama’ shifted a lot. After that incident I was only at work a few days a week, breaking the 9-5 routine.

As I began to increase my hours of returning to work, panic attacks began to creep in and my feelings of dissatisfaction came to a head. One day as I quietly took myself off to the bathroom for a quick secret weep one of the senior management team caught me and led me to her office.

I poured my heart out, ‘I can’t do this anymore I feel like I am dying.’ I’ve found a job but it’s so much less money than I am on but its a start to try and figure out what I really want to do. I openly debated my actions and thoughts in the room with her.

She quickly loaded the job up on her PC and said ‘You’ve got to do it Stevie. This is your stepping stone.’

With that I passionately completed the application form with a twinkle in my soul. I have so got this I said to myself. 2 weeks later I had the interview and was immediately phoned by them to say they were blown away by my interview and how soon could I join them.

I skipped my way to my car to drive home that night and gathered my thoughts to tell my employer, because despite the feelings of dissatisfaction, I had a deep love and bond with my team and what I had created through my corporate role. It was truly a rebirth, a letting go of the old and so much of me was tied up in this job. I was ready for a fresh start.

My team were all thrilled for me and I had the most wonderful send off. With that I began as a health and wellbeing trainer, a taking a big pay cut. However, I managed to negotiate the pay. I rewrote my next chapter with a heart on a mission of figuring this spiritual awakening out.

Around the time I was in therapy I had set up an Instagram account as I had a vision of healing people. My intention was to begin to build this to run alongside my other job as I now had more headspace to figure it out. I started my new job in January 2020. 6 weeks after training guess what came the pandemic!

Just like that I was gifted time beyond my wildest imagination. I sometimes joke I manifested the pandemic. In all my future scripting (this is a great practice where you write in future tense what you wish to happen). By this point I had written about having copious amounts of time at home to create my dream life and there I was with all this time and space to create.

I began to network, create content, workshops, connections, exchange work for others to gain testimonials for my work. Clients and work began to get busier and at last I had found my niche.

I studied and read about marketing and entrepreneurship running it on my own felt like a whole new world. Both terrifying and exciting at the same time.

I would come off from zoom calls with clients with a spring in my step. As a result of my work people were handing in their notices, earning more money, creating more confidence in their business, finding their purpose, sorting out problems in their relationships, creating their own businesses, healing from past trauma. The outcomes were endless. My phone would ping with their updates of how our work together had transformed their lives. Because I was connecting them to their why, their belief system and giving them space to believe everything they dreamt of was possible.

They would step away confident and clear. My heart felt alight and inspired all day!

By April 2021 I reduced my working hours. I had to take a leap of faith but always wondered when I would hand in my notice in my day job.

In July 2021 we lost our house bunny Thumper, he was a big part of my journey and therapy. As he, alongside my husband Billy, my in-laws Diane and Caz and Dotty their dog made me feel like I had my own little family where I was loved, supported, and nourished. He taught me how to put myself first. When I had down moments he would sit at my feet. He kept me going on days where I thought I couldn’t carry on.

With his departure I felt a real sense of how quickly 8 years of his life had gone by. I logged onto a zoom meeting and one of my team members announced they had handed in their notice and were due to leave in 6 weeks’ time. My heart sank and as soon as the meeting finished, I ran to the toilet and was sick.

Three weeks earlier under the full moon I had prewritten my notice letter. I remember that it was before the end of July I had noted on the letter I would hand it in. I recall the dread as the days approached and July ticked by. I thought it won’t happen this month but time was running out.

Little did I realise as I opened the letter it was dated the 27th of July and that was the day I handed it in!

It was a good sign; I apprehensively started an email to my manager and before I knew it, I pressed send (if you scroll on my Instagram @starsbystevie, you will find the video).

With that she was free.

Stevie is now the proud Director of Stars by Stevie full time. She is the founder of the UK's best Moon and Manifesting Membership.

She is a highly sought-after motivational speaker, mentor, and coach to aspiring ambitious women who are ready to speak from their truest voice and connect deeply to their intuition to lead a life and business on their terms rule book free.

As a qualified Learning and Development Professional and Astrologer Stevie combines her unique knowledge of psychology, energy healing work and mindset to create group and 1-2-1 programmes.

She continues to support and empower others to gain a deeper self-awareness of their true authentic self, to create a successful life and business they deserve. At the time Stevie wrote this chapter she has supported and inspired over 1000's of women and her business is growing day by day. She has led them to claim their dreams and ambitions to create a life and business they love on their terms.

She continues to pour her heart and soul into her work with a head full of dreams still at her feet. You’ll find Stevie on a Dorset beach running along the sand, finding shells and swimming in the sea with her cockapoo Ted and husband Billy. She’s the type of girl the stars wish for and the moon chases and so are you. Remember, everything is possible when you believe in yourself!

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