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Crystal healing is a treatment where crystals intuitively chosen by your soul and intuition are placed on your 7 chakra energy on your body.


This helps you gain balance in your energy centres. To unplug and unwind from the noise and tune into your intuition and energy.


This allows you to replenish your sparkle and feeling of utter bliss and restoration.


These are hour-long sessions totally personalised to you.


After each appointment you will be provided with a session plan with guided soul prompts of the crystals used and their meanings to allow you to continue to harness their energy after the session.


These sessions help you gain emotional, physical, spiritual and mental connection to ease stress and find a centre of inner peace.


A 60 minute session using crystals energetic power combined with yours.


They will be place on your chakra energy centres to unblock, focus and redirect your energy to feeling balanced and restored.


Sessions last for one hour and in the first part of the session we will explore what you want to get out of the session and what you feel is currently blocking you to help choose crystals and a unique session plan is provided after each session to allow you to harness their energy way beyond our time together.


Card readings are where you ask guidance, clarity and support from the cards to help you gain clarity and understanding of where you are.


Through a 13 card pull card spread Stevie will read your soul energy and the cards energy to help redirect your energy and help forsee your barriers and blockage with clear guidance on how to move past them.


Through these moonology card readings stevie will also provide you unique insights to your moon sign and moon manifesting ritual to help you harness the moons energy within your chart.


The cards allow you to gain clear guidance and answers to your questions on next steps you can take and gaining deeper awareness of your current energy and what’s holding you back.


These are hour long sessions tailored to your energy and questions at the time and can also help form clarity on the months ahead of you too.


After each appointment you will be provided with a recording of the session and a workbook to allow you to continue to continue to work through blockages and feel confident in your next steps with the help of the lunar cycles.


These sessions help you get answers and clarity on where you are to shift past blockages and feeling like you can make progress in your life to bloom with the moon.

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Astrology chart reading is where your date, time and place of birth is used in a chart reading calculator to read the map which your soul left you at the time of when you were born the stars and planets allow you to unfold your story during this lifetime.


This helps your gain clarity, confidence and understanding of your unique energy and purpose during this lifetime.


To gain deeper awareness and understanding of your unique path and purpose.


This allows you to build belief and identify a clear pathway to allow you to reach your potential to feel purposeful and alive.


These are hour long session totally unique to you and your star energy, After each appointment you will be provided a recording of the session and the map of your stars to allow you to continue to have a deeper awareness and understanding of your unique energy after the session.


These sessions help you gain clarity, confidence and belief to allow you rewrite your stars for success and manifest the life with the tools your soul left you here to achieve it!


Together we will explore where the stars were aligned at the time of your birth to bring awareness to highest path of potential. We will provide you clarity on what is holding you back and where you can reach for the stars.

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