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Successful Manifesting with The Moon Workshop 

This workshop is perfect for MOON LOVERS, AMBITIOUS AND DRIVEN SOULS Who want to commit to their manifestations and bring their vision board dreams into their reality.

So if you are ready to create your DREAM LIFE VISION and start getting the SUCCESSFUL manifestation RESULTS you deserve in your life. 

This workshop will help you understand:- 


  • Why the lunar energies support your manifesting.


  • How to use the cycles of the moon so you can overcome self doubt, overwhelm and letting go so you can truly step into who you were destined to be.


  • The biggest mistake I made when I manifested my dream life with the moon.

And there is more in this workshop:- 

My top 5 tips on manifesting with the moon so you can consistently and successfully manifest your dreams and desires.

My top 3 mindset shifts which turned around my manifesting to move away from self doubt to confidence and self belief.

It's abundant, expansive and jam packed with value. Ready for you to set the tone for your most Magical 2022 yet.

Scroll for workshop below - 

Are you ready to to manifest with the universe and me 

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