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Hey Superstar! 

Congratulations on your first step to igniting your inner super powers! I am so excited to have you here. The universe has brought our souls together. 

You are one of a kind angel as am I and my souls mission is to show you how you are too! So you can stand boldy, brightly and abundantly in your unapologetic soul self that you attract your dreams!


My name is Stevie I am an Astrology Coach to ambitious women who are on a journey to confidently manifest their dreams, fulfil their purpose and lead themselves boldly into their future.

I help YOU to discover what’s written in YOUR stars. So you can live the abundant, bold and authentic life YOUR soul was made to.

In my unique personalised work I combine intuition, energetic healing, astrology and divination tools with psychology to lead you back to yourself to lead a purpose filled, abundant, comparison free and confident life.


How to use your moon diary: 

Light some candles, grab your crystal and cards. Create a sacred space you can connect with your inner voice.

The moon diary provides you with a guide of key moon dates for the remainder of 2021.


The dates you may feel called to expand your soul a little deeper and connect to your intuition.


Print a copy of this and keep it with you, as a reminder of the dates but also to keep your notes of where you are heading so you can look back at your growth over the moon phases.

The moon allows you to expand and manifest to move more towards the life your soul is craving. 

Dream as big as the sea.... 


You work with the moon and universe yet... 

  • Your energy is off and you want to vibrate in alignment with your desires. 

  • You have this deep feeling inside of you, that you were made for more but just aren't sure where to start anymore.

  • You are curious to connect deeper with you inner guides, to support you in becoming more authentic, more like yourself yet each time you attempt to it doesn't feel as though you are doing it right.​

  • You crave the freedom and space to be who you desire to be. Yet your to do list and plans keep getting in the way.

  • Your craving the confidence to feel and believe in what you are requesting will come true. Yet your inner critic keeps you playing safe in your box.

  • You are tired of boxes and which ones you fit in you feel like you are so outside of the box and are ready to carve a new path.

  • You have these inner whispers of what steps to take next you, you pull the cards, use the crystals and you think you understand the messages but something just doesn't feel right. 

  • You are putting a call out to the universe, but it seems there is no answer, no more steer into the direction you desire to go.

  • You desire a soul sister to support you and cheerlead you on through your next phase. 

  • You feel as though you are on the brink of something new, but despite attempts its not coming.​​

  • The desire for expansion in your soul is beyond your wildest dreams, yet you are thinking how will I get there?

I can help you! Keep scrolling


Find your own way in the universe

Come explore my universe in how I can empower you to lead the life you have been dreaming of. These are the ways we can work together....

What are you waiting for come and play with me and the universe make your wildest dreams come true 

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