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with some help from the moon.. 

Make 2022 your year! 

...You just want to align and do things your way right...

Lets bring your visions to life! 

You have read the books, attended circles and spent time creating a moon ritual. But, things don't seem to be clicking. You want to lean in to your guidance and manifest your desires in your way. 

I hear you, I have been working with the moon since my teenage years and my mission is to demystify the manifesting ritual so you can get results being and doing you! 

Using my proven MAGICAL Goal Setting process I have successfully manifested:- 
Leaping into self employment doing work which my soul loves. 

Invested in myself and worked with coaches and teachers who have embodied and achieved results my soul craved. 

Cleared 10k worth of debt.

Overhauled my money mindset to attract wealth and abundance into my life aligned with my own unique cycle. 

Put in boundaries to feel safe and supported. Without the guilt!  

Made time to balance life and work to create the freedom my soul craves. 

And so much more whilst helping others receive similar results discover more read below for the details! 


What have others achieved using my proven techniques: - 

Gained confidence and clarity within my next steps to take action.

Started saying no more and putting themselves and their self care at the top of their priorities

Attracted dream soul mate clients. 

Started a university degree to expand their business. 

Built a business at home and generated more leads within first week of working together. 

Finally given themselves permission to say no to things to make space from a place of confidence and authority

Understand their unique make up and having the confidence to design their business in their own unique way comparison free whilst generating leads. 

Increased revenue and profitability

Embraced spiritual gifts and actively used these in their work which has improved scalability in their business. 

Reduce their hours within my 9 to 5 to work towards their dream. 

An unwavering self confidence to connecting to what they desire inwardly. 

So much more but let's unlock your magic.... 


Discover your own unique moon manifesting ritual with this special edition



This course will help you 

Make time for you & your desires

In a world where we are busy you will be able to claim time

back for yourself in a flow that suits you.

Break habits and behaviours

Build your self awareness, to achieve your goals, set boundaries and let go of what is holding you back. Confidently making the choice to choose differently to break the cycles.

Have confidence to boldly go after your heart desires 

Take the action towards your dreams, make the sales, go for the job promotion, setting actions to connect to your purpose, sell your services, speak proudly of what you have to offer with a clear vision and plan to achieve it. 

Let go of comparing yourself to others

Grow in your own abilities, let go of outcomes and recognise the beauty in your own incomparable journey.

Speak from you heart 

Sharing your truth and words with confidence and inner belief. 

Copy of Review Template .png

What to expect: 

Proven MAGICAL Goal setting in alignment with the moon energies. 


No other technique has been designed to allow you to set goals with the moon, so you harness the energy of all the phases and get the results you want. 

You will receive:- 

  • MAGICAL goal setting workbook this allows you to set goals in tune with the moons cycles and each phase. Completely unique to you and your energy. 

  • LIFETIME ACCESS to E Course Videos to GUIDE you through this proven technique with my TOP TIPS of how YOU CAN SHIFT your MOON MANIFESTING DREAMING TO CREATING IT AS YOUR REALITY with flow and ease. 

  • x2 visualisations 1 for connecting to your soul for clarity and the other for letting go which  I use with my 121 clients on creating a deeper connection with your soul. 

​What will you learn

  • Understand your manifesting routine to hold you accountable to your dreams and visions. 

  • Manifest success so you can attract your desires with ease and flow. 

  • Increase in your confidence to be able to clearly attract your visions  and dream in  2022. 

  • Raise the belief in yourself so you align your energy to your desires. 

  • Deepen your self awareness to fully embrace all aspects of you. 

  • Embrace your uniqueness and stand in your worth and power

Why invest now? 

Because  investment in yourself is the best investment you can make. It is uncomfortable but having regret is worse. Also the energy the end of this year has some amazing cosmic energy to give a boost to your dreams and visions! So let me help you make best use of them. 


My goal is to show you exactly how to use the moon successfully so you can manifest in a way which feels aligned to you and works. 


All my clients have done it and continue to use these techniques outside of my 121 programme. 


When you take a leap of faith in yourself it feels scary but imagine not doing what you desire to now and think of being where you are no next year. YOUR time is now

 The investment in this course will support you way beyond our time together. 

More Client Results 


Investment in yourself is the best investment

one time payment

What else do you get:- 

LIFE TIME ACCESS to all Ecourse content. (Priceless) 

Lifetime access to VIP AREA  (close friends list on Instagram) for exclusive content including collective card readings and giveaways. 

As well as:

ACCESS to MAGICAL GOAL WORKBOOK my designed proven technique to manifest in alignment with you (WORTH £555) 

x6 Videos which you can access for your LIFE TIME. 

x2 visualisations one for connecting to your soul and the other is for letting go.



No plans availableOnce there are plans available for purchase, you’ll see them here.

On purchasing make sure you check your trash and add me to your safe list if you can't see the email. 

Let's make your 2022 magical with some help from the cosmos 

My confidence has increased and it's kick started my commitment to my own growth. - Rosie
You have helped me get direction back and most importantly TRUST in myself - Amie

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