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Embrace your inner goddess this halloween 

Awaken your superpowers this Halloween season with a fun uplifting afternoon of pumpkin filled moments, a spell making masterclass, soul nourishing conversations, journaling and moon intention setting with likeminded sisters on Sunday 30th October @ 2pm until 5pm at Healing Haven in Poole.

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How this event will help you? 

Halloween season is a great time to connect to your intuition and highest self. To drown out the noise of self-doubt, worry or anxiety of not being enough. Because you are magic!


The night’s drawing in showcasing their dark star lit skies. The universe is calling you to look within you for your own unique sparkle and powerful confidence. No more dimming your light.

What will you do? 

During this mini retreat afternoon learn how to connect to your intuition using spells whilst integrating some extra magic into your moon rituals. This will allow you to feel inspired and energised.


A space for you to reconnect with a newfound confidence to do the things which fill up your cup and most importantly put you at the top of your to do list instead of everyone else.


Sharing Moontini Mocktails accompanied with spooky vegan rolls over soul connecting conversations.


Awaken your soul 

This is your moment to embrace the magic which is you. Immerse yourself in uplifting high vibes to awaken your mind, body, and soul.


This is for you the soul who wants some fun in your life, to unplug and enjoy the celebration of Halloween, because who said it’s just for kids?


After this event you will walk away spellbound with your very own unique spell jar, which will not only activate your dreams and wishes but you will step away with glitter in your footsteps and an inner confidence that won’t be broken.

Book your tickets here:- 

I cannot wait to get mystical and magical with you,

All my love and cosmic hugs,

Stevie xxxx 

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